Don't ask me why I do shit ok
Don’t ask me why I do shit ok I can not help how I am…I just am weird should know backward and forward we just are not there yet… so yes put weird ass dam pic..

So will leave it to you just what is seen I can not do other than directed and yes still have some things to do will take cell with me even though I hate the dam thing. So that makes 2 days do for u don’t push your dam luck ok.

Word Matthew did I send you a site name like this back then??????? well have lots them… blocked again wow saw lots tied to dog stuff.. not know if had woke seeing stuff..me flip it…and gone from head..it was like show me i did this kinda things…and I went just flip…depends how u look at it. and laugh them…saw names sites snap.. saw how use change..weird shit and gone again.. I hate that why does God show me snap..remove?

See and Angelbrez… when think how me trainin her it is not to enter a house with no treat sticks cheap stuff throw floor … so weird training i b doing that dog…turn her into a runaway dog. I have no clue how old she would need to be to set that try test her with some of these dam neighbors this neighborhood need watched I am tellin u. It alone may run city state for all i know.

Anyway Someone needs to live Bev’s house David used to have ppl he would let live businesses even had a trailer there…is david tryin tell me too?? And I have no clue on these dam cell phone shit stuff.. on my old phones..I could call a number to retrieve all my msgs..and remove them not being home..can u still do that but hidden ppl? Sucks the dam shit they have done. Bev has been so screwed..by family owned stuff..and her dam marriages. She has lots wants sell all kinds have…not that can’t do..but not KY…and she can’t take it all with me us now..she can’t..and this am sure old stuff too guns all kinds of jewls buy her married them would..and word.. and that dam husband one did show up her church one time shocked her…weird shit am tellin u and she helped people took care them paid their bills so could stay…had to control things dam young bitches and old men have heart give all had them and no pay bills.. she step in them friends her daddy’s…used to go to one church there forget some her stories she gots tons.. Used to go one church..one direction then switch..forget..need stir pot rehear. I think the one took son was dam Italian.. gave her vanessa think same dad not sure think. well people raised to think have marry.. anyway she needs her things protected… I hate certain shit this dam house and want that dam garage door lifter changed i do not want a new type that allow these new cars program them to work their cars..no way. No way on them change key locks bob buy either…will get have here..men do..make all 1 key same 4 and see if what fix inside maybe need none..can use parts left from others to fix right. Am going to get…solar lights did farm and may ask Bob drill me wood holes if he has set up…pull top off them outside lites bring set in wood block lite house…am sure he would do me. put back out charge rotate them need them anyway point out sidewalk house. So not super expensive get this house set up just in case but this dam house neighborhood needs watched.

I would and want to see if still have them..they did had AZ..on my bedroom windows..used black out stuff .. well them have ones lined with aluminum would want them ..can lift up down no strings acordian type if i put up shit them be gone. This yard big enough for garden… so has lots go for it..put up old fashion as neighbor has used to be all homes in here had close lines she still uses hers…for sheets. It is law KY have to have dog house out back…me no have. Tammy OH had them iglue lookin ones. The more activity this house the more code shit go on.

When I come home yesterday…always usually take Chinook all the way around to Sequoyah Trl.. had facing me not far when enter.. a sheriff car…one side and cop car other side lights on..drive thru between them did. There are ppl want set free. hear loud hit hammer sound out back house next door go out back would be R hand side back yard…that who Scottie mow…military husband…seem good dude…live evil bitch my dog no like.. I need David.. that is hard for pup..or child how love one fear no want to be around other..them hard things to sort out. David only man would trust try figure out.. if force him…as totally different type shit…he needs to go back to gift God gave him animals. Josh really has same gift..them child things.

Word all us AZ ppl…have to get together…bail Ray out of jail.. dam banks won’t let u take out but so much cash.. have use cash wkends for dui… shit no think prepare for… all had to make runs get cash bail set get him out. I don’t know God has called my little sis yet..she may be set for last as her playing did…so know how play her I do.

I remember Bob first time ever mention to me absolutely love a sent a woman wore at work… there are scents men no like.. anyway I said ask her what she is wearing I will get it…well scents smell diff on diff people… it was Sung… i got it never say that about me…so smelled totally diff me. Well I was trying to do be what he loved… There were sents Liz Clayborn forget called I hated overpowering made the full dam airplane stink to high heaven. I think Chennel number V 5 have to wif it make sure. Scents should be outlawed on aircraft.


that type used to could buy miracle stuff put neutralizer liquid in for nasal … what josh was using destroy things made switch did but no stay with it.. and if Melissa have prob get too.. now Melissa kick out her family before…she could be a switcher.. talked to her about dream had.. them in wrong place no go church…color prayer our father prayer all she say over over over.. correct. them robbed milissa email for name??? something going on here find out.jacobsfamilyblessings.blogspot.com wake up steal shit them do constant……..midwestbottles.com/nasal-spray-bottles….david online??thatwhy wantjefferpet type place him with davids medical stuff…themwill keep them meals fixed…stopppl from getting their meds…it..wou..not..surprise…me…if Susan did directed by David…some..pups just like children learn diff..takes..long..that..b..breezy…willnotpermit dominant alpha type bitch rouine her…hertimewill come to take on Bev’s dog…and no f with me…soGodis stiring up the gifts given u child…Melissa heart for God child no let her…say u too young…somanstopit..force her go diff path…aMomCallHerSatan so hang in there all..word..I don’t know why see block but reason..maybe Matthew knows but don’t know myself.https://unleavenedbread.blogspot.com/—https://unleavenedbread.blogspot.com/,,,,,canNot stop all them . names..so no worry about it…if Led to check them will. just need new . name haha get u own no rent.

Us old timers knew David’s knowledge…change path no know but us old farts…that why he needs protecting…and now i am asking backward training him do…see what them dogs do… a God dog can do both…first last to me but ask Matthew…talking dog tell stories..tellwrongfamily knows…plant world shit them…justlikeme..able..hearzuse…no bother me..so would say…toworld.

7:24 a.m. word ythat dog got up got other ivory soap down off end counter.. put first in hall L side walk out Living area and has gotten up gotten second one off counter ate the corner off it and put dining room shit… I have no clue if harmful have to look and neutralize her if it is……en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivory_(soap)….davidwolfe.com/6-dish-soaps-full-cancer-causing-chemicals/ …..weird about this is grandma Paynter-Ehrman….only used dove soap..

Anyway going to measure these windows order old fashion aluminim mini blinds for all these windows..including dining double door.. so want them done here too…see..hope them auto lift so out of way same do when leave breezy house watch. they have both home depot and lowes me go cheapest..always for Fathers ppl..low cost . can have ppl with ppl without…can like Bob house…mount outside as faux wood 2 inch inside there…so put aluminum outside mount get out of way lift so still can double up…so look no change in u house. especially KY evil shit here…and could only be operated by really few … and Bob needs to stop cleaning shit ppl..if he wants certain things done him..have nat or melissa do him…so can double do his house too…or have grandsons do him.. he had to learn clean bathrooms etc as a child hated it he did…better to live a little dirty..in times coming to.

Well I am doing bfast…other thing needs done this dam house.. is scottie covered ??? as no vent in kitchen this house dam not right. So have no clue what u want to do that one as has to be found and cut thru this floor and vent cover put on..

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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