A Sick Trip to FL Lots Happen While Back

I have not had much time to even write about it.  Word anyway today did get all my sites here on the .com sites at least to have a footer…and yesterday my litter was born…I did write about that.  Word the lies on AKC pedigrees and lies on pedigreedatabase are disgusting… but then fits things that happen within public records even in ancestry.

Now I did purchase a pup Angelbrez and write about her… gave her my Jacobs breeding name as the breeders of the litter permitted it.  Looks like there are dogs also way back that were not registered but part of the pedigree…father back.  This often happens to people purchasing imported bloodlines, it happened to me, I never got the papers to be able to register this import with AKC.  Now many will take these dogs and register them CKC.

At least the sire’s line is DNA’d back several generations on the pup I purchased.  The mother’s bloodlines also have dna done on them.

I also just wrote as a girlfriend allowed me to purchase her full litter and said I could put my kennel name, von Jacobs, that I had chose for my first purchased registered male Sir Parker gave him the von (house) of Jacobs  name put on him.  Her pedigree is one of the best I have seen…ever.  It is more common to see a good sire line…rare do you see both awesome.  I plan to keep one of the males and breed him to Angelbrez if she passes hip certification which is done at about 1 yr old…that will be in about 4 months.  My girlfriend is going to have both her dogs as well hip x-ray for them to get certified… so some things yet to do.

With the type of testing I am led to do where the Lord is concerned we will see how many pups pass the test.  All that do I will wait and place the ones that do, in homes that want to breed by guidelines laid out.  The ones that do not pass the test, I will have spayed or neutered myself to ensure they are not bred.  I hope to have pictures tomorrow as going out to see the litter.  They all appear to be bi-color like Arson their mother again just like her first litter which is also a bit more rare to see… normal is saddle marked GSD’s more typical of show lines.  Kojack her male is not listed in the system however you can get his pedigree by mating the 2 to see Kojack’s pedigree

Both these pups parents have a wonderful and very strong pedigree.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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