This below posted on Alone in the Word site but will add here check also as He won’t let me click it.. Assemblies of God Gospels Only site had me jumpin around.

Yes, and I don’t know what name call this yet…please stay tuned

Well will explain why use number…mom used to count sometimes with me and I did that with son’s…Warning best listen do say or belt… 1 2 3  them got to 3 to do.  so use number with Matthew for now.  Well I not only mentioned that one to him but also Ehrman side had dog house.  U understand why I think them different than what I passed off to the man, but say him had the codes…So wondered too if raised my house.

Well did hear fire away song but decided before get to puter I was going to first thing remove envelopes with my name try get call or letter…made header on 2 of His fav sites.  //////////////////////////////boot up think will open open office first…forgot this puter no set time..and I didn’t have it plugged into net..sometimes I type not connected..but do have to have it plugged in…as wouldn’t set.  so unplug it again this time do plug internet.. well that open office saved my doc from time before..nothing on it…I did click sync as it is set to auto do but won’t now.  Seemed to be going farther backwards to me.  Say this first thing then to Him:

I did go then play that song at that page  change what popped up to me.. LRP8d7hhpoQ  beautiful song i stopped it at 4:31…then listen a bit more stopped it 4:40 done there.

Word Matthew, I think said 2:43? pm the 12th word are u being back to future dude? Times getting farther and off and this set auto set.. was 1 day off. U know I don’t watch numbetrs. And save blank doc that time?

Well won’t tell all started yacking at him on this one cause got me off elsewhere He did.  So for this post just to prove weird..and again don’t ask how I end up places.  Found another blogspot attempt by someone word.  


This stuff hard for people with a heart to do…pain in ass make it for normal everyday people.. think that tied to a song  lol

https://www.youtube.com/embed/v=kyxJEVej9FQ” width=”322″>

So logged into my site…see what I posted last  word…I just take the clue.  Well us Lutharn’s in school when older so 7th-8th grade…sent teams scavenger hunts  At least my classes me in did anyway don’t know about siblings.  I want to say by 2’s..they put u with other no choice.  Why older??  Cause this a night game.  So u were knocking ppl’s doors at night.  Well u had a set time given all..and same list every team had.  A thing pop head as meantion post about thread .. was an empty spool of thread.  Maybe stand out is cause we only team got it.  Well we weren’t talking my school so this new but related as talked black Catholic’s I didn’t know about.

I did then log into see what the heck I posted my site


Well I posted my fav album…that uses Hebrew and English.  Well I noticed I did not tell them what happened just quick posting that.  I went to play it think after say first is a blessing.  Well he knew from me posting at old sites..as typed said even.. after blessing I lots times jump to number 6 which is asking the Holy Spirit to come (Spirit of Holiness)  well it auto jumped there.  I did not listen to 6 songs there to post that album don’t take that long.  So did finish hearing song before left.  Just add with Lutheran’s that blessing was pronounced at end of service over all..something I did miss having.  Now they made it first on album…that backwards to me.. no holiness shouldn’t get blessing.  Spirit have to be there first.

Anyway removed header envelope as going to do… well one site changed different the other back to same.  I saw the word Salam on that one top site and thought well that my daddy’s brand of cigs.  Him never changed alway used them.  Just when had a beer.. had a Carling’s black label.  Rare shot wiskey but had in cabinet… Jack Daniels…as recall a rare thing see.  Well I also mention there is absolutely no way to say what I notice from Matthew..would be foreever documenting the dude.  Did take snap show another weird thing…well no work with snap  sheesh… so used camera to take pic of that side my site show u change color my slide bar for up down.  Well did snap my site as when pasted it color not there and now can’t even find that image but u can go see color..a silver gray to me normal see.  actually see black to those two normal see this one not normal:  blue

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