The world is a battle ground get it??  To even protect you have to accept warnings from a site or get the hell out of Yeshua’s face.  Reason there is for it people…God is a God of the world not just the USA.  The https on a website is purchase shit secure usa and is not viewable by the world.  We are going after the world…So I have my hosting set up for http  not https  so world can see it.. So what happens you get this crap ..  If you are afraid to accept warning go back to your hole and live ok.

Father in my running yesterday made me find just what the H I was looking for and they are word..not even found at all love them they are wonderful Spanish I love Mexican Food.  I used to go to Mexico when living in AZ.. Flew there to the pyramids at a presidential election time soldiers with guns everywhere in our travel.   I will go today and see if this might be her menu and take pic’s myself for site as did find this menu online.  She should know if it is her menu.

Well I will go back to this place and personally take my own pictures and chat with her again why looks to be tons of them…tucked away no person knows about..I have no clue how they survive and will make suggestions to see if they would be willing to provide.  Things not even listed they do for people.  Hard to understand yes can be Spanish speaking, some have better English than others…but they read English.. write down what the heck you want.. Word.. They have pictures of the Lord’s Supper painted morals on their walls  I will take her pic of my brother hahaha at church doing it in paper.

If you won’t join and fight.. get lost to the world ok…well godaddy has removed things from my sites.. shit dealing with all the time, they no like my copyright stuff…piss on them open source is open source.. I am going back to using a free software that is easy to use.. most all could do it…what happens?? Then upgrade and change shit I hate that shit.  Because I use it…it is made by Germans I think , well great.. I have German in my bloodlines too…but don’t change shit for you to have advantages..that is shit.  I will zip their dam version that is easy to use…fun to play with…and go to my file directory and upload it.

Well after deciding I have had it with the shit and living the way I am I went out and spent another close to 2K to make this house doable for me.. and I still have nothing for end tables still not overboard in what I have at all.  I want this home available to my Family.. in case something happens.. has all the needs to make it.. well maybe that is hate…hahaha  and I have a dam kitchen with no register vent put in where it was when this floor was installed.. shit is shit and needs fixed.  You tell me what dumb ass covers over a hole in the floor for register?  Purposeful shit…my sons can do better and that is not their job.  This house was worth restoring for a reason to put 20K into…or I wouldn’t have wanted to do it…has everything and nice big yard…heck you could put a garden in…well just has it all but no double garage…I can live without that…this house better than most the older ones in here from 60’s built in later 80’s so has 2 full baths not the 1 and 1/2 ones…higher dollar home it is.

Well talking to my husband on the phone..told him as he wanted my phone that I wanted to get something to eat…just will go thru Wendy’s this time then be there OK…say yes so ask if I could bring him something from there…no say.. well by the time I get to Wendy’s usually no one there and after 1 it even was.. line of people in drive through…so shit not waiting drove around them well car was there to make R turn so me went to L turn…and backtracked to a tiny place I knew of thought well just grab something there if opened.  It was..went in and made my order and left but chatted with her…yes harder to understand english but am able to pick up enough could fill in the gaps.  Ask if she had a website?  Said I do that stuff…ask her if she had heard of the song Waymaker… yes she knew it I said I love that in English and love the Spanish ask if she hear the one with just the 4 ,  three woman one male…she had not. so she wrote down for me and could spell…I ask if she had a menu she didn’t…well My brother-in-law Paul would go there how he knew or what have no clue weird shit that is, .. would order a dozen tomale’s take home with him…or more.  People don’t even know you can special order that stuff how did Paul know?

So I decided to make her a website, Father give me heart for and what I was looking for in restaurants here ya go…gave me someone not afraid to stand their business for the NT Lords Supper.

I will be changing this but just messed with a bit as tired from a long day and grabing pics ets will get into what I found oh word…word…word.  So I made a sub domain under my  named it stlo  so means table and said that in all translations till today  word.         and  now working on the easier software free.. mobirise4.12.4  version and will mess with adding that one too…  Let the Germans see if they can attack and change me…this is an exe file so need to zip it to upload to my son’s download folder.  If I require nothing but their free stuff then shit…do not offer it…they use bootstrap which is an open source software… so u tell me if I edit all the names of their shit and call files what I want is it then mine too??  You better believe it.  Well I am just everywhere jumping around…and look what I found will post on voice too today as shit with chrome and children why no show up tagged it judgment of the Lord brought up am sure son’s went after this affects their children for goodness sakes.




By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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