Bedtime at Matthews

(was this your idea of bed time you talked about with a wife when God give you one what you would do with her? hummm? well then get back on TV dude let me hear you as I will go to Father once again about u.) (only what he permits u see u shall see) Well yes he brings things to kitchen and uses a knife then ok so look up sword.

I will try Matthew or son’s or who ever. fired up other puter too.. will get program see work it. It won’t let me put key in…now as snapped it…but thatt not it forgot hit button so did again somehow and snap that one the one use 2 time and no let me save pic grab it..think is what remember don’t know what happened but was not right. The one have on my paint is one i started to w

rite in bible baptizm bible daddy gave me wrote our date in..didn’t finish writing when another popped up sheesh was a mess and well a mess didn’t explain either.

Well it b blockin me I will email pic here to this puter. wow slowwwww but when got in that dang thing got that other software remove no work… well remover all kinds shopping software from that dang ms shit. saww can do. Matthew I no no what u want me do do u want that file up here? as in upload protec my IP here? I need duck fins hon… did u get retriever? i am tellin u that puter almost dead in how fast is need flippers. and that ff pop up window me.oover there. did i miss it? maybe should have put to momba video? well… that ff hon got black around popup so say ok download have yet get into gmail… I am going to hold nose go under water. Oh no must still be under water as no see ff no more.

well click download see black ppl no understand that color wow slow but tryin log in g them no have what me say and i don’t see.. all can do is forward to my sons can’t figure out. cause get unstall tool won’t remove that thing

oh wow matthew them no let me forward to sons remove top email…sorry wow that me fault

well sent lots word nightmare it is…and no know if it screw this up if use here. so sent my 3some i did forget send first pic snap then didn’t check mark as them popup another word… so snap got never did get to click send if that makes sense. as them pop up new one no get snap then well didc but no let or send save as was trying to over lay first save and no work just mess. and that the puter me set up me c:/user cyd underground on them pop that shit me get and no save same file name was going to overlay first one no did pop new code me before me check boxes send if that makes sense mess f’n mess so anyway that pic first code never give me snap that overlay try anyway with one had checks in

and the one went to forward…shit…them threw in my spam…had to go spam to forward u… then say have to do something as sent from spam u didn’t read all before go away so don’t even know u got one them thew in spam me go get send u…i click forward thew spam so still nightmare get me big fins ok.. and shark teeth. i promise I will learn as shark to chase my tail and bite them like angel do hers.

So tell me… did i hold my nose long enough? just don’t let them boys tell me like them dad did ok…don’t let them say keep me out u shit. and word got that one just asking to scan me pictures… I guess playing over over over again card game more important.

So tell me how long with the 50 yrs take? did u dream that one yet? so you might want to stay from a distance get it? here from me… have song.

Yes all looks great from a distance as in out of site out of mind, and u bet God is watching He sees all. that is what news becomes to ppl.. eventually shut off. No life there.

Yes sir in motion all on same page even.. “quick change artist” 50 yrs experience so I applied for the job… wouldn’t you? well for that interview higher aaaahhh not an artist…them no do…aaaahhhh science degree….oh maybe mathmatics major. well really no matter what degree in that as would say i have no experience in work field even. like nerd…or hack… men no see gift..or if do pen it up. sorry am off about the wise men again… you best ask and dream u just might not really know what u gettin into with me you already had one hard life dude…mine easy compared to what you went thru.

So Matthew, even if no get see we did get it launched u and me…cause I know u pray my son’s as them yours too. And u know what I heard you no like I said… “how many times gather?” Well we be human no have that type heart…no understand it either that why ppl no can understand what love is…and yes ask get glimpse but them no even do that think them know love.

My response to song love daddy me by Celtic women.. You raise me up.. then saw amazing grace and played

Yes u know love Celtic Women and thanks and here is my response so don’t give up on us dude. “well and them brother sister team too family u know” so u ask why first put quote up under song then clip out and put here? Cause u do have to get to work…well yes Josh can do that but not all ppl can play music and keep focus on stuff work.. them are gifts some have some don’t…some do better work let them do that… others no can stand… distracts them… now Josh work better him do…J opposite think focus a different way them boys do…and u tell me what stupid ass employer even ask them that question on best way focus for u accomplish…silence, music u need them don’t even ask such thing… we are all different with different ways…silence deadly kill gift in some…some thrive quiet. what i say not truth? Angel agree so ask the dog they know…bark bark bark…till finally tell her I told you…just rumbling now. SO LOCK ME UP woops this about uninstall lock. quick change ok

Instead of closing windows…u should open new so I have new topics ok… So take a vote now on this ok…. can I apply for the job? Does my unemployed experience count? Well then will you tell FPB make rule then no make married pay deposit..say no credit no account ok. That how sucky it is I had to blast them so me no pay security deposit for my electric put my name oh my God… no wonder he is Dam Pissed. His Dam u no want either. I don’t remember that song words just what hear…so don’t know fits go see.

This is true about me for you Matthew as I was KY when u meet me.. and that is all I got to say about that one

Yes see this top U my bet…

So songs can fit in given places within our lives… and grow and change and yes that next you play from conversation other day am sure… well we agree it is what do change things you spent a lot of time in those areas Matthew just know heart u walked them paths… heart for fix and even serve them there u did..alone my guess no have not heard all u story hope to to see how much I did see you.

Well stopped first come fill in typing u…1:54 it loaded full but copy make sure that the song come up stop again another window stopped :05 it loaded to 2:06. Matthew boys have crash course… now I know God did not make all like my sons… so most can no handle them kind a courses. Ok u right…and yes let me rephrase it as you do know that…them given u… oh go mess with the boys ok.

That was hard on us to do…me more than u but u too…. lets pray agree the world not hard… not all serve inside all know that…but Father has talent

given to each to use or not for Him doesn’t mean lower job isn’t a top job… what appears world is not what appears God. Word… u explain it.

Only way I can explain it…is Yeshua say about children… well u tell me is that top job? get it? (they are cared for fed Father’s house tribe u know pedigree by fathers house) them are pictures to me…no inheritance that age so who inheritance them children, well i see different than most, (needs fixed.. only way happen with follow Yeshua him only one can make a One out of two) take Father to court with His words, cast out shit demons well you know the drill sir. so because no follow..we get songs “lost that lovin feeling” trained wrong followed man not God, so Yeshua had the hard job, destroy family divide maybe learn to walk? them taught pick up…take out trash.. keep room clean get it? feed the dog…Nat even teach them laundry for goodness sakes. Top Jobs u have to be like child yes?

They don’t get the song basics of life…God center first basic number 1 heart love God he no say love man he want your heart… no give well let me give u shit to live with…let me make u miserable..

Word Matthew you go yell…or wack them with that staff…I saw on TV only thing carry was staff, it was also great defense weapon. Legal too.

U make these even longer doing that….word look see how much talk you word… no wonder disappear… you went and highered a magician didn’t you lol Quit talkin my head…ppl no learn…anyway yes you are right…that not way i planned to hear though.

So has to come from man and do teach yes u c in me way to raise new birth in Yeshua…use put place in what u agree and c in me see good. and Yes u right new birth is new creation, need start somewhere.. start right not wrong with man. You just happen to be a man that like hear my questions and see how me solve… like born in u a tester dude.

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By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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