Cute J’s or U?

Interesting woke with..leads me then on different strange paths.. Thought how funny woder if cowinky dink that Bob’s first motoized anything was a mow ped… well Pedro call Ped Daryl’s dad. and think bob did one maybe again ask the dude.. or maybe I will but when he went CA live Uncle Bob, college professer think him had a bike there…and that man well my bob not yet ..but him.. gave blood..get money I think could buy wine… might ask him again if think but might had mow ped there too… so that what thought got up … well.. then thought of joke say… but needed the facts as was not a person bob would daddy but hey woman don’t look church, sales etc.. that b news papers. 2 pop head.. gazette and news sentenial well hey found online free gazette..ppp well first go sentinel knoxvillenewshavewiki…see strange pic snap as might go away there..owned by Gannett Company

Then snap u full page as jump out me year…1921-1931 writer so since see snap.

Bad part in this whole thing… me forgot joke. Of course want to use free search see if any news my link that needs proper tie round table. now that became 1st order business might go away.. but then in news fam…not sure programmers can fly there prevent go away or not… oh and to weird see send J but weird see name thought woeeeutubewhileseejsendstephenells. And thoughts my zimmerman line…daddy…them connected to preachers..come usa..them me related to won’t accept and change them records…dna match them all do and them change no one. 3 came..2 sisters..1 brother.. guess what..that a pg before marriage dude..eldest won’t claim as have records show it won’t change.. that preacher dude married both them died.. had children with both…forefet preacher dude match both sisters..but one gal no match…but hey, God can remove blood from a line He no want…yet keep line…term name?youngblood..had video of identical triplets.. all dna different…same identical twins…so God no want Esau blood… no say that hate thing about anyone else. cain able weren’t twins we knew…so son’s…pray u bloodlines when u talk Father..pray them Yeshua stand fight dude, believers. I did them grandchildren u have mine…me no Jacobs, did pray line…good back up mom on u jacobs. People don’t know to do cause no stupid person pray see how what Yeshua did jo 17…them pattern after our Father but same dude he is…make Yeshua strong line stand…me pray future..quote father him prayerr…say u put by golly I want…them God’s words and prayer for us…and men..who serve. future generations a song but no remember all if would use. yup “hammer” “Father time” vision daddy song

My Son’s given to God to raise…show me any other did? heck can’t find a man of word of God either pull man shit. Son’s see with stories know game.. can and will protect Yeshua..I know them 2 boys hearts.

I even used prayer of Yeshua in stupid endtime stuff ask quote say.. do you really think Yeshua’s prayer is not already answered… dumb shitss them are cause them don’t know Yesshua. and the men of this world know quote man… and woeeeeeee that hard to erase… easier forget them go world…need to know words of God to kill shit man stuff and me no look that one…seriouse stand need find to cancel that shit..heck i know very little and hear that shit. Stand on mans doctrines them learn. So son’s u top job cleaning dude them made a cleaner that name even. and remember yourgrandpa say no retirement in scripture… and daddy say his strongest was age 50 J that u son, ok well almost end gregorian

Matthew if’n u don’t know me…u have absolutely no clue the creative dudes my son’s are nor anything about them.. I know both son’s… them know how and what mom is like…lived her. U think them didn’t notice shit me have with my music even. Josh fed full house TV with worship…that child ear phones on worship while work he did…while mow he did. His son see devil closet too before move house…and accident…that child attacked…u think he not know where to go?????? word. he no call his dad matthew he called mom. He wanted his mom. Most that attack cause that dam Milissa and what he did allow…drain them and her shit…hang on her brother told him too..was shit. U don’t understand man with in second marriage or any person for that matter…u feel can’t leave that maybe something wrong with you..failure…not so…but ppl feel that way.

Anyway back to what did…saw before shut down browser…as played hero song it was horible…kind I would flip quick..laugh that..why..cause i am capable block out play full shit. So that happened…left it won’t stop won’t loop..sounded then like slow trot of horse gate…let play till done kitchen smoking. Matthew you don’t know me…ask my sister as child..maybe show boys too them would ask me to do so did for them can’t remember… could make myself cry…no need heart thing to do.. no pretend either like them do movies. could do same thing no tickle my feet..most can’t stand,, able to mentally block..might be a bit out of practice but u bet can do..bob try me that one. Father over that kinda area too u know. When Father want all tools brought out u best believe he gave them me.

Saw Jeremy say search i did before just shut click it. just saw. Did say out loud after that… Z 22 is that like yuker but with a Z from jeremy. Carol lee loved yuker we teach…bob got to hate it didn’t like play when together as always boys against girls we almost always won. Anyway I shut down browser as said got up go amoke ponder.. came back say rotate…opened 2nd ff on puter this time go youtube..look up song showed other duck search no click… and yes saw at botom that search say me saw on but no make me stop… named pics why snap what why did name. So here goes 1 2 3 think stopped do more searches..might be 4 pics have look see forget.

The song remember search look up

Yes me tennis…child even…city tournaments… play AZ with neighbor team doubles Nancy Holtz… association we played…not just city.

A good song. u time running out dude.

Well since someone at helm shut down my video…reopened it same spot… change happened

See ya

Yes I do.. have thing at night…No won”t say..till see over done with you… then will ask Father myself.. when see brothers ask pray with me again will take scriptures I know to do..ask stand with me for to hear see…make clear me no one else. yes a movie come my mind too why,,cause I mentioned felt had stuff poured into my head ask Father stop no way I will remember this all… so movie Total Recall

I will go find.. but no change my mind

This hear…but as said.. am set no return click other will play as might for Y will see

Nope for no one,,could maybe sing To Father some parts.. but not do.

WORD Try stop me log into my new site so jump other puter fix limit me.. know other routes to if road closed try try try another. Look there see so click see went woeeeeeeeeeee is this truth?? or lie for a site just up??? snap for u.

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By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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