Did you Surive Dear? or is it deer?

is it dear or deer

After read see title again think this song my sister Cheri sent me dear song look up…made CD her friends at river..think not sure brothers or not but know them could no have children..Only God can fix that u know..but song fitting hear

My sister sent me this CD song but made by friends.

No them play with the Antelope…this time of year u must think Rudolph? So did that nose lead the way I want to know? I don’t think so..Rain is weather…or could be them leather straps put in place to tie that dear down. Well are we not told to danceer? Well yes shake rattle and roll does come to mind. Raise the dead Matthew

I think though..what u supposed to see in Santa… u need to raise the dead on Wells Fartgo …yes became bank.. think them that even protector dudes behind them driving ones. Get it? Just who I am playful..till Father pop out.

Wells Fartgo also remind me movie clip as Wells my best friend AZ Rebecca Wells-Boat I worked her parents Bud and Marlene Wells from IN.. go az..way back history..them also Elks Lodge ppl.. I worked for them at Bud’s Electric them laughed so hard at this movie sent us..think we went with theater to see. Now on top of that funny… and u know old testament.. about insides..Matthew u used tell me too u talks, daddy say different say gut… and thrown room bathroom “bowels” look up? Inside u is spirit.

What train you on with this heavy thing?

So Matthew u see why no man none will stop me from teaching my children son’s not to permit any man not even Yeshua? That sir is how dam strict the protection needs to be..only only only way…I can sir…get that thru their heads alone with Father no man none invol,ved with me. My son’s the only ones that Father will permit…not no other 2 sons on this planet none, them sir even tho J say me I can’t understand or it took me a while to figure out what u were trying to say me technical Matthew, cause that mind is so high, that son never never never passed me off to his brother to understand me …get pic…that is me being told by mom task husband, he will find u answer … J do that even thou we don’t always speak same tech language…he can and will if made to figure out any..person… that type mind Father gave…but he no make another man try figure out mom… only them 2 will understand it… So that is only reason I have to make them understand that…who they are married to are evil..we all are including Yeshua..but who created evil? and no have not changed mind about u..have changed mind..that u and any person understand that.. I don’t and have never been shown both my son’s so special in their totally opposite way even coming to Father…so opposite in how learn…Josh that boy prevented but no more won’t b…knowledge fast hear praise all time programing…. never hardly allowed to do my GOD that boy is no less than brother Matthew none, cept been prevented from how HIGH what need to receive…from not being permitted music work by. no music provided they think u should have but let have their own music…his..man do that with those kind like him what happen then hahahaha he get to whistle while he work????????????????????? get it??????????????? mom gets it for Josh no other person not even Josh…so question…how many yrs between them…when if permitted and Matthew that son of Fathers will will will be permitted to worship his way while he works for Father… what explode to Josh then, his dad and even J think lesser mind??????????????????????? MOM know. so u tell me Matthew are u Yeshua flesh u are..capable take same stand and teach that to men…that is what it requires…only stand of a prophet of God my son’s will accept…with job given to men to do…I their mom will not except any less…my son’s will get it… and them will give all to try get there for Father and only ones capable do… u been in numbers game long time…u see why Father protect me and sons from it? yet give high than u ability to know understand play game…josh a wiz at games lol…He though is a momma’s boy…and stand house Father when Father give him understand that one… u tell me who flip quickest? That son and momma not been unleashed yet,,, and oh well will see how long Father give me to help son’s get their dam house in order F them dam wives if no want to.. give book mom teach them do… find God say.. me teach woman shit too. a few good men and button button…listen to few not many?? them boys get it. So u see what one taken and one not mean Matthew…get out them dam houses if no turn both…it not Father intention from beginning… how put path me here try help son’s of Levi not kings… is only one king of world… Father get it?…Father will call to provide good living my sons to do their job for Father…if mom step off path…son’s boot mom..get it? had to be done as can’t stand here no more cant… and mom knows son’s have higher priority given them than mom…I know and understand my place under even my son’s if can take mom court… so anyway.. I am no dreamer…Talk me as always say Father does… he isn’t going to change He same me…never did Father ask me to change how I hear him…proof scriptures..His words…them ones men had harder time changing… history..mans word lots deception that book…we no give book…with out passing go. 2 book focus team…sent by 2..happened make one a 2in mints in one…path to set that heart of Fathers from beginning to try do.. with 2 books….maybe then u pass go… only honor students prophets…if u no capable sort out u F;n dream…with God’s words before tell woooeeee.

Still feel same u Matthew are u able to such thing? So maybe question should be this. Are you Father when in flesh? or is only Father at such time? If Yeshua no claim even good, what claim? More than a Prophet, wiser than Salomon, and say what about his kingdom?.. say if u do see miracles..then what? kingdom come u?..as in witness God Father showing up…making His abode with you.

Other question is this…Can satan do miracles? didn’t Yeshua point out we are little g gods…why cause His image is that how can not be. Yeshua I never even saw claimed to be righteous…did u ever see that one? People don’t even follow to ask Father them kinda questions.

Ok well ponder them things guess time will answer them questions.

12:53 pm going bed.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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