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Mornin whoever u did u get me steinbaum attorney? He had to be able to do ky as was davids, well talk to marc harris.. yes saw diff thing re tools…good made cry… 4 2 reasons, fear of falling again c man in it though good stuff…so not sure that..good outside though…draw to truth..

that to me how strict inside has to be…ppl have to use Gods words and learn to…mix cry is there such thing?

Other thing Matthew, something something not right OT…no logic me at all as Father no change…but me know stay OT U know that one. Question… If NT no call a man Father why would God use that word little letter call house?? is that them hodad’s bedad dudes? So are u pointing ppl wrong or right using word father… now is it ok little because big G vs little g Yeshua say about us being g

I know I have weird questions

there may be good reason for that…

them have 2 b answered…but great ideaa seed internet eh binding that dude all anguage…speak tonguess by golly….planted in all them view words no work for that

certainly fits what Father direct me…but man has to do see…take back over seed truth.

I like the planting u dream one to as never told can’t plant…and can have choice seed use GMO or good seed reproduce right?

So that there GMO has great job….only live 1 season…. SO question who should get 1 season? Your house? And them wow have taken all away…for comon folk.. only rich can get unless u make u own…well see pic J learn farm at 2 God gave pic to see 4 sure a child of his…. so

Where should we allllllllllllllllllll take children can get pic farmer? Well I also then got gone but had old men tractor… Josh on one…our house he was…orange one.. take down on my house he did. Well what great pic of older coming at God’s timing he is too so mom see that pic son of mine. J no mow. So God give me two totally diff children in just having 2…and both son’s had to teach mom their trade… J teach me online stuff he no understand mom on…yet figure her out… and Josh teach outside stuff tracktor how to grind chip wood …bob gone…go do mom here how/… question

When do we stop learning some things from our children? And of course the oposit true when do children stop learning from parents? Yet mom told stay out…they are men. Yet OK for him add input toward his knowledge. Maybe that why them created 1 way streets???? isn’t there song about that on goings and comings?

Beginning end no change that 2 way street me. Who on this earth do I have to go to Matthew mom say ask husband. Who does anyone have in mixed house? Can do what mom say me do? You sir would be only one this earth desire even have for me to seek find me. So my heart and yours crying for Fathers souls…knowing Yeshua came to destroy houses.. Well he certainly has…and also how long been in place better have as didn;t for a while on dna… demand testing be included divorce… saddle men with support how many u think with children not theirs? Yet raised..should have right to see if child want see them too… but learn truth mom. Dna is what should b demanded of them all.. blood of Lamb…so anyway scattered I sure am with websitess lol no can remember what do some maybe plant sit u no want me do… yet want to see my desigen pic for clever dude u are.

So have them got me a jeffer type site yet?

I can’t link anything or even buy what I want. So no know why led buy do they ? It was like me keeping baby need items..was used grand children here ther u bet.. how much cost me to do? My personal clothing purchases how much me spend…putting baby things 2? Big spender clothing me yes?

demand have and teach use…Melissa no knew how to diaper a baby.

If I no need me…maybe Father know where send have. Must have if can afford…store.. same in my purchases y2k…purchaed non GMO seed…never never did use…till farm…just stored… go dead? Nope a few did… can keep seed next crop u bet. Dry…that why Scott Patterson want me to get his kind of beans … saver sead…dry plant again…ok say…not my type bean but will try… he knew something about that green bean…had me get bushel…me did thru him ky. Him canning thing he me would chat msg chats..him tell me turn on tv 9 11 peanut call his only son think thru jimmie lynn.. his others daughters… Elijah name? Forget which one them dudes… called peanut we did. Musician him is.. think was actor too like Josh did.. and helechopter piopet predident..him send me david…me first..then beth y got involved?? by who masons? Beth brothers? To much weird shit…jimmi lynn mom had to go IN get help…she was a legion hanger outer…try make stay put escape she would go legion. Know where don’t know still there will look. Yup here she go escape


more beth and Y B and Y call.. B divorced…but her and 1st build put modular on her daddy farm… divorce B got home.. hummm think last name then family owned shop in town close to bently minch store.. he moved lived close to us farm did… gated community.. off 355 can’t moment think… anyway when she and Y marry… we were not even invited…gatlenburg,,,well can’t remember sure.. mixed I am about it..caused she talked me all time about it. Anyway them buy tri-level in frankfort… but after we got cabin there… she wanted to move back owenton sell all just have one place…guess who search 4 her? Property specialist…tell what her wanted…us already know about david for toenail clip she horrible fear of them chop quicks her every time her done. And sshe a dog with clearer type nail. David do black nails rare he nip quick. Me find there house goose creek ask me go with them see with her…we met and bob see Y…me see B weighed things were done.

Question…ifn’ her brother masons… possible good flip kind? Can’t close doors where Father could have planted his good/bad guys play.

Yes don’t know u …gets harder as move forward cause hear son’s now then too …more confusing me who hear. Could be Father song “deer anti;poe play” dog bark good deal..anyway daddy know his children have to be that too…try hr did alsoplant.. like thatgold record me remember daddy play him sleeping…me catch daddy never say to anyone…could chuck know? Was played anyone else? Who let me cath? Play for good/or bad u play. So I just see diff than most where Father where bringing back to mention for ppl start looking to see Father plans u.. weird I am…and weird I remember

Like Tom J and Josh friend…has their dads video’s taken as child…me ask for…he was going to conver all them 4 me never did had case of them did..including thin bob and my wedding. Say will bring..never hear. So question did Father want what I had scattered? Willing to give up?

Ok pass go

Have to tell u never did..but a question had…re prophet at mom’s graduation…real heath battles am sure alone his fight too…me pray him for some time after meeting and him sit tell me these things. Death angel he knew there say daddy me hear from daddy as asked him private…

of course saw just spot not moon…as would many times… but did when hard breath…

is that death angel Matthew? Hahaha or life or can be both no man know but prophet of God and I am not say over over again. When I see and recognise say head dissapear them suckers do. Well that question 4 u hussband. Is it why mom say me… well I would go…them dudess no fear she have.

Question…did mom say that to any other child but me? Have lots want to find out as my family had to all play outside too but me and sons

Cause Father know…lightning speed them would learn.

Like neighbor friend blueridge… elk horn church there then…go…had black man from other country come teach… came her house after…call me want me come down…last min did…
I just got out shower…normally go no where but say ok will come down…put on top things usually wear… white caprise.pants…pulled out red bright usually don’t buy me…sleeveless was,,, go down…him set angle corner chair…me sofa L corner…side sit listen…most women… me no talk them about the Lord now she knew I was bekiever… did she see dorothy come my house? See me. Don’t know… but it was like them think I no know how pray as woman call all them come forward put hands on that no go …. stay sit corner. I no want my hand that dude pray ok… I will observe though. Leader woman come grab my hand pull me that dude…place my hand on…in did but no pray me mam

I am weird Matthew… keep mouth shut as always…still observe. Them don’t ask how me pray so forget u u ask I tell maybe. Well till Father jump my case about.

Matthew my daddy and mom never hear me pray outloud I can think of never… I would ask them me..and agree. Them never ask me pray them either,

I am weird…and J brought that Tom dude pastor pray me.. sit across me…no touch me… me sit single seat…no sit by me either…as knew come for say ok J bring him I do for u…I let J sit by him

So anyway…now Father want known my ways with Him…why…he gave me a nane to against here…with son’s given him to raise…and family who will hear manybe understand why them had to learn do bad guy stuff.. till called…and have pointed out by me.

Well makes u think of Jodie foster I liked her child actress too.. silence of the lambs in some ways… so can’t close doors…of even them play dems

Father could have top following ppl there flip them follow that dude. It only way see suddenly like He say me. Father was like J and Josh learn first job… pankake flipper cook shot order cooks… not them high fancy high payin dudes.. short order train them son’s of His..and brother following after brother want do with him…yet..Josh first do direction of dad’s path take classes… no J do.

So what else am I bringing to the table of men I serve? Look see they come back u your children never tsught to see. My bet but also would like to see on that vinyard church mom want to try…while bob me there stay…see magazine grab put my hand..same name me… did they ever take any other sibling there? Ever? Curious minds would like to know. Office type complex J maybe know term better as was church he went me AZ knew word was for him too from Father…them kind buildings. Presence of Lord…his heart desired for that baptist church feel.. desire Lord ahow up he continued to try that way..and with that heart and press forward him did that church…so excited when Father did show up for him.. He did that but no stay OK determinded that son of Fathers is…and a heart for world. That heart…bigger for Father…youngest left heart biggest for mom. Weird when see yet both heart of Father.

So Matthew question for u on overseeing and Yeshua..what did…whos houth them disciples go to that Yeshua raised sick bed to serve them? Maybe hidden question I plant u seed dream… what was it she served them? Can my husband answer that seed me dream u and have confired by other u prophets u find plant them? Do u prophets even hidden…[lant seed dreams each other to help get 2 3 witneses when not in book find u dark hidden? Just who needs non GMO…will theey get see same I said I would stand court..with you ifhearts desire and able to be done…sarah laughed at…I no laugh,,stronger than that…and there are top elders with them mates I believe would stand Fathers court too with… plant them seed dreams to confirm word or not…if plant..tell Father as u all have that one too…block satan no hear him this important heart know them. Well I like also block them kind of darts..shoot center hole ok? It be red too.

Another question my husband… can GMO be planted same field…wheat tears? Are these possibly power tools that could come future? Can within new css whatever design have boyh planted? Yes I know…me alredy buy no get dishes for table…as would do different now…even though did better than most.

Only way even for son’s is put house in order no like then leave…and let man file divorce…warn do up front God iss..u either follow my house or get out..if you get out..I will file divorce peroid.

You can fine me…I told u before if you want me to have nothing that man…me fine with.

When my friend Phyllis Hynes got divorce…fell in love with Bob draughon… even seeing Sands and Babcock falling down no future support see even them…she left with nothing…stay till them married… I was maid of honor…J got that truck we buy him ..had camper on…we sold that kept truck..J first vehicle…use drive school did…can’t remember if ever put it his name though…can’t remember if used for trade in his first W toyota either.

Peppi one mom got…mule call was going to give J for graduation college…he no want…say money value instead…as wanted to pay off his had to use CC debt. We say ok..put value think 6K gave…plus mom purchase him when he got first place owned…purchased bran new furniture for him…Josh always got old..hand me downs… spent 1000 new furniture J upped the child to having do lamps all him needed. What pay for Josh…demad added that Sammie go with us KY//pay attorney for that one we did.

I have absolutely no idea what Father get us into together Sammie dressed to hilt for school by me take her shopping buy my son’s paid shit to learn can no afford them couldn’ her great toys…driving barbie car…lol…design make her room.. even when them boys purchased riveroak place…son’s same to me.. when J moved first house AZ me go help him and spanky… asked I did him..if he tell me where he wants things I will set up kitchen what ever you want me do for u I help move him not bob.. J ssay me…You can do anythin g you want to do inm y house mom put it where you would put it. Me even got to choose layout of new furniture his house. Guess who laid out them ky ones? Well both sons can live with mom’s kitchen can’t them…complain to mom she did it. Don’t remember being involved or not when them forced to move by duckers dude.. move rent poea? Can’t remember forced them were think…put up auction screwed that widdow as far as I was concerned…guaranteeing low amount.

So question Matthew, who’s house were my son’s in?…until them parted ways…I purchased and did both them just asked them if I could do them? Both say mom could. What that used purchased for carla josh waterbed set white washed painted shiny black did fancy a couple walls..marbley look light grey white him room. So anyway both my son’s to me lived momma’s house…worked in dads.

I have no clue what would come together none what soever…I am reaching for the stars to come out… like in movie would that be all star teams? Them call it that diff names diff games…putt all best together play see how do as quick put together teams? Think do don’t know called thogh and maybe them don’t do no more as used to. Top coach get to do them? Forget raise the dead matthew.

See now Betty told I wanted her lighthouse painting she did and loved the frame she put on it.. she said..I could have it when she graduated… only way that would happen is if stated in will…never happened…and the pic she gave me eagle fly over water…josh got…she made him give back her I had to call Josh get dinedine want back…think say can have after sshe pass…she had her living room.. don’t know if he took it or not…but she did say that me witness not in will either.
Them wives no want things up…well them know best where went who made that decision…as when mom stay overnight J when live close stampin ground…bassement… him had boat on wall…colors diff would snap that use … jacob and duesler…she kept name jacobs she did…both sides u…same with eagle and lighthouse…she painted if no get go other like them…same daryl have assked her for she made 2 them..he got think best one..she loved the painting so made another there is diff…just like rose paint me…diff than others painted. The top of lighthouse she painted I wanted…top slightly off tilt am sure family let u get photoes make u boats and color she chose..fitting it is…gave dinedine sight furute colors she chose..

Well dog was hungry sorry didn’t mention it… so we had 4 eggs left but one crack no like that so wonered if do cause someon turned up my frig to freeze say dog well probably fine we check smell u and me it was fine…had leftover beef potatoes so had shared that and last piece of bread in 2 bags had…one a heal…other slice ask her if sshe had preference…she no say…so say well we shall see…well one the heal…barking she do garbage truck so went look… anyway heal darker burnt stuff on it… slick fine no burned on it… so I say well it is decided then..I get the heal and start telling her my story. I say my grandma Wright tell me…she say me…u need to eat burnt toast sometimess…it be your charcoal u need…say ok…now say dog..well was a truth? Did she say to other siblings or just me have no clue.. also mention this came drom daddy though there are those that love pepper…things me say no pepper person me…but say in normal table blck pepper daddy say them put glass in…no eat it…have white powder if pepper person…me no one. Well also mention to dog…about salt..daddy say, as some use sea salt…some use no iodine salt… daddy say..use iodine one…u need iodine…ok me do same mom got… think told me can’t remember but how to know if’n u low iodine…use which I had from betty she bring home hospital give me…iodine wash used surgery…but daddy say…put some top inside thigh…if obsorb u need more. Earch person different can’t subscribe for groups. He also had bob take at one time forget why..told him go get zinc pills…think can’t remember as this over hear conversation not me.. think told him if he be a beef eater or checken eater…that what want to say.

Back to bfast..well I hear garbage truck dog no bark me try eat…go shit..neighbor to my L have tucked back behind kinda his regular trash cans a blue plastic one filled… me see…had put my trash black plastic no could leave take…me in robe wasshed no could find my belt for..well my majic appeard dog leash long showed up my car when washed it did…so improvised…tie belt blue leather tie it qround me grabbed my black trash out my car take to center drive meet them dudes there…them take say u take that black lid left my yard too>>> them say yes came got me…not happy camper that dude was on face young man…so my trash gone…now funny thing about trash me…checked my cans in garage and here trash one is totally empty…but recycle full so have place put my trash. End of story ohhh wait inside my house had to open L window blind see forst time…that one still open other side still closed to this day. Dog being strange with barking and moan and sshhh talk me.

It’s OK Josh kinda like pres. Bush called 9-11 attack say think him…”shock and awe” Our God Is an Awesome God u fav song…u just had to get pics do…God doesn’t hide from man…it is man try to hide…God…and J see try battle u boys will b most shock awe team brothers give 2 Father, didn’t give just one…as in first born if a son? Maybe some have done who knowss but u mom never see or shown a limit move on that one…So if is possible have no clue yet or see till in person can ask my husband..and He get confirmation from whom he seed plants…if He can be the one to pass a house blessing for my son’s as many who maybe gave God their first born…never knew even how what to bless them and never did do that. So I gave you to Father and my daaddy gave blessing not sure both might have just been J u know…so maybe if only one u other come from a diff house…these things won’t know till see if power show.. Father totally capable of tacktracking if necessary…no worry just u boys press forward to protect Fathers word we do not even have yet. Protection built first.2many2grab

In the mean time…wow have planting to do to break down…more tests for u to save..or if grab yeah
HaShem a correct word just like my husband used Abba get it? No worry..just fight..and yell scream no go on BP med..just no hit and good have a wife explain that to children…no get upset them them caused it… me knew daddy mom no get along when it came to kiss…no hear that one.

So look what doing now..make u work home even…think that me then.. well I will force to begin with..say spouce…we going to work..would like kiss before go my room..lets start habbit..if I forget u remember ok… takes a while they say 3 wks do right have new…pattern…if break…have to start again…got to get 3 wks. After that one…no kiss…what wrong u? What u upset at? Them say nothing.. u say I think not u just not telling me. So them too woman training do.. same with always being the one who calls….used to happen all time would stop see how long before call me.

You dad…that man would call no man..unless he needed something…not a chatter person at all…so what u learn see mom chatt all day while working toat 50 ft line phone hasd to have move do dishes while chat…move to family room see what u up to..move my living area…them no build homes like that. No want u see happenings out front…u dog bark u all time she do. O u leave u dog upstairs sometimes down with u some times… one pay no attention dog bark upstairs with melissa yell go see what my dog is barking at keep her quiet while I work…report me…keep copious notes…on my dog if I leave her u take care of day care ok. U had that u critters..alone raising them…now put place family…david say dog chooses whom is master…may love all…so we just need to fine turn family…u son’s will notice change u…same with J and nats dog…take dog downstairs work him..let him take out if have to potty basement..keep dog with him.. then put back Nat…yell what is that dam dog barking at go see..acknowedge u see tell him what u see.. see if shut up…Pray Father use dog for you as head house.. same J if that dog bark basement where that dog at..check…see say if u see outside outloud to dog. Them will know if u talking them…since you have listenerss…add to it…she may get it toss her whip with joy.

Yes Matthew I know what I just pointed out…re my question prophet sent boy say just this boy went on nd on said more than prophet told boy say leave, that what sound and came my mind talkin dog..still don’t know answer OT if boy words should b red. All I can do is if Father give me story show u what I mean… the thing I again would say u me where God cursed animals He created.

Lots on this Matthew, even birth pups…as dog went out crap..watched still see if turn around to eat..and u u knew what I always said to her…u not a momma yet ,,, no eat tell her…tell her yell today out back same… and added Iknow that is first thing u all taught… same inside house I say,,what Tammy teach me over David..more insight here… David say u never know for sure how many pups end up with till after about 3 days..can still loose some… well Tammy teach me…watch every close first 3 days…as sometimes mom pick fav and not attend to all..focuse more on a couple especially new mom.. if no lick privates which stimulate bowel movements..both.. get me wet cotton ball do it on pups she no do..or u loose pups within 3 days..once past that mom take care all usually…well charlie starr had them moms ready to deliver in video constant keep eye on..left there a while..constant watch..color ribbons colors on each..know to do. Beverly had that set up way back her breeding horses..had video in her house to see them…so can tech be used to let ones know…house ratings even if sometimes hidden.. when ppl no walk by spirit…them have no clue..unless do…so don’t know yet how to apply that thoughts of future maybe…cause who no go light? Thoughts uncovered yet to be. Has to be a thought first… see if pop up again.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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