Harpin Bitch

Well got up 6: something think PM had heard phone when went to bed wouldn’t get up figured Beth…it was so called her to do zoom… we just got done yacking…covering ground.. both puters could zoom. So sent her link from Attorney…she going to log in tomorrow to…she said she would say she is family. Anyway that not way here..before go back bed.. snap shot weird… a Right hand as standing back behind a person…with a tie on… that R hand had hold of the tie and it was toward the bottom but pushed bottom facing more to center so angle… weird…kinda like cartoon type see no faces…and tie was outlined to know tie…well tie was on R side so not a center tie… weird was…cause that tipping pointing bottom was toward center no know how explain…no see extra body so only one .. that all can say try explain. c ya

OR IS IT HARP IN BITCH? Well that was my thought when went to tarry on mom say. So I did went do stuff..maybe that why she send me news paper clips…yess found and my brother play Christ in color that one be….send black/white of the Bush man..at her mothers passing time think was..up there for something. Well Gazette happen to be don’t know why find stuff funny me too…but mom send me that from ft wayne newspaper I scan U mom’s card she write to me say and news paper clips.. record of something i did keep find. Then tell u where I was. Now I know Matthew only has 2 days left..before son’s block that dude if no contact me.. Have decided so son’s open ears… will still use this mine as u are mine..review what have re matthew me//what i want will just remove category of he me… walk will stay u me that 3… I mean really there is not less Father show me a One in that union on this earth to “knew” her…so stay out that dude will be.

Ok well i scanned for 2 c.. then go kitchen think say blogspot about some being blocked and here song came me had to look up funny year married. Of course daddy call mom wise as a fox this be sly another term used fox’s funny to is by who posted it DJDiscoCat.. and other stuff have cat in. and J wanted to be DJ…so family DJ he is maybe.

Card Mom sent me with news paper clips
What mom wrote to me
Brother Carey playing Christ she just sent this clip no rest of the news for Dade City
Mom no clip this sent me full page of news..will let brothers see me not a news person but wow ads there too ans see pic 2 girls think sisters
Cant see all so wanted AC on there maybe brother’s knew have no clue
Will let it set go on with where I was.

Well I found as posted top yesterday finished when got up early on that post was in news stuff looking for a ancestry tie of mine… thought this funny as is his name, talk about masters, Mason and it was in Joplin, now that is the toen Bob and I stopped in with travels might have been more than once stay that town over night. So was funny to me will post.

Well took short nap..now once in w while dream then.. and did weird…woke with.. all these ppl I did not know.. and them sang happy birthday to me… I say it is not my birthday.. like 9 days or so.. Well my vehicle involved. between houses… so it not be parked where them was…had a key issue too. Anyway went through that house all woman see… then there room men all siting floor with bibles…bob there.. said something to him left me at moment.. as couldn’t find my keys…think say what are you doing.. and can’t find my keys.. left…had other set purse. just strange… told about one had at that house me napin couch…thought matthew came must have got out of his vehicle while me sleep.. well Ray man came…so bob go door go out…me get up see and that dog never did before runs usually to dude in our drive knows ray… him no do that…went to spot in road sniffin road. that last daydream have.. but me no napper… now chuck napper…so cheri.. me no know if any other sibling do. Me I slept hard as rock all life..cept attacked… this was different though as a word from Father had. What make me think my teacher call me a daydreamer and I no nap..guess blank stare out windows in room cause him say…the German. and weird too…think remember my teacher car when kennedy shot… saab weird name lookin car I did move over in that bed but me used most the full qsize…bob never hardly move…but up all time. and frezzer freddy wass right about king size… i got to where if he touch me i moved no touch me…or poke him kick make him move…sometimes do if snore..him roll over stop…didn’t take but touch..as him same no touch.

No wordss this one just weird…murdock weird one too.. nap

First go see cheri condo up high..live accross dc..walk u could cross line.. that one..me stay queen size.. her said that was her room she sleep there…just like con move to other room too…a lot could have been up no want to wake..were all taught for men…am guessing as all did…no happen me no have extra room cept when had boys together.. sleep there when betty wanted me move to albuquerque with her..alone ponder do…but him come in….down floor, say cause he can’t give me all i want….. so went back bed him. Of course me then put that to things…me had no interest in anyway…but why want to kill yourself over such? think that what he said his mom heard.

Well that before think not sure though but any tiff in our marriage that dude bring up divorce me.. talk to his mom about I no understand that one. She live it…say from his dad…i can’t remember if she already knew that or not…can’t remember if mention to either parent of mine…can’t remember if go ask as that direction them give me or not…no remember doing that…cause me told no come home if marry…but i call mom about cousin cathy…and mom call me say no call bob work..so them heard about me do…daddy friend work there higher him…so got instruction mom…well then is up to child honor do or not…didn’t think bad or misdirect so did. Unless important like imergency.. then ok call. well if i called that man took call usually even if meeting…so things changed in importance if I called.

have learn whole new when work home, my house, him get pissed if i interrupted him… he say i am working, so send emails…and since we no see each other…would get up see what that man doing…ifn not work play net waiting u bet i interrupt…but can see know diff…and a lot of times he would get up from desk go play some pool..now him had to have a Conley cherry wood one…i have no clue brand daddies snooker table but wood too think. and jeremy goodrich wanted our table… he hurt back at brewery…no can do normal heavy work so was mower. brewry..that brewery also every christmas, cut down off that land.. smaller pine trees…make big pine tree reef on side brewry building…them try get us in GOV shit..even one bob work with husband… want us get free barns built…want us make land part tie gov..refuge type gov could so … connie smith and david think that one.. lots of them there were.. Jeremy tell me stories when him child and before..that town was NICE..no look shit turned to. 2 churches that town and bank still have.. 7th day adventest… SJ told me he was.. don’t know sside of brothers… but think as book left Red Oak betty’s house for me find…when I went help move some stuff.. history them…think as recall Black in SJ marry..outcast maybe.. can’t remember..painter dude whoever she higher ed do house probably put me find.. anyway when his wife passed that man lock it up move barn build metal..make his house.. ghosts there say..as recall.. have check them on…no go that house no one..not while him alive. think SJ cleared bushhogged the path down hill…bob then was able to maintain with little mower we used behind atv’s. well there was another dude came to meet us…them knew him..lived up road…hear Eric say tied to murder never caught though…. him no stay around much. Con recognize evil there right away say me. Maybe she no want to sell that place well could b 2 reasons…as she wanted divorce before too… a place go b by me… and place to protect me…forced to sell..felt that only place left..as nothing would sell…they had on market..even their own home. Lost walmart..put shit list..over a jet ski. and me had to go to court over dam ambulance owenton, sent cobra ins pay say call them send give that shit to…dam F’n judges. had to sell cub get money larry gave me with house. Bob is F’n shit

he is a has been to me over done with gone…if thiss dam judge don’t do right my me and let me out of 2nd try…woeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I will serve my FATHER He want me back. Larry come mow there use our mower do…him would mow our’s too. and Larry there help bob when he ran over Lacy…Lacy was uncle steve’s best friend at Adam’s lake name. weird shit i am tellin u see our family cowinke dinks?

Bob call lace tell me call her history? weird shit out mouth’s i remember. Firt dog Josh get he knows who from he do..called Magnum..gun…put down dog 3 chances had. David placed dog up on hill another way owenton.. drive up that at stoplight over bridge going to josh…word leaves me now can find… with handicapped child.. last chance there David had to put down dog. she was a teacher as i recall…Oh Bald Knob them call that area. bob’s sister went see house in that subdivision before go up hill. she had black girlfriend…go not sure…but she say mary me no go that area…as I recall…i went see with her…and it like how nonie got her name… betty keep askin me if had name yet for pup almost cause divorce… told no can have..me get anyway. I kepted telling her no… so finally say well maybe just call her no name… betty say well in Indian language… Nonna means no name..I ssay OK then I will call her nonie… and used to say everyone needed a nonie of their ownie.. her a I named her this breed. a cockie-dockie-peekie-poo and when Carol got a pup we called it a cockie-dockie-peekie-poo-poo well I bred her to full blooded poodle papered white.

Word told how when me asked boys pick out pup me 100.00 GSD paper chandler J side town… word kept calling me telling me how eliminated them… what left me choose from. never chose a dog before…Well them open door let pups in to see him… oness came in pissed on floor made send out… call each time he did me… tell me both parents them had which I knew.. say look dark like regular GSD’s but have some white ones in litter…want to know if I want white..tell me buff color saddle look me want that as bob wanted a lab for mountain dog…me no want lab…say J get me that color..maybe bob be happy think..kinda look alike but standing earss hear better like cupping your ear to hear them upright ones are…well them cropped doberman ears make up when not the breed…and chop tail too. Magnum no have that… anyway we got lacy then..J play with..think ended 2 white one dark..again call…forget what me told him after playing with all..but chose from description. Well josh name black dog tell kid no get our house Harley..that motocycle name…and call creek down hill Harey’s creek. Josh do… Nat named J’s dog she get him that child has only chosen one dog..mine.. means monkey…Mica so them had diamond..chiwawwa mix… rat dog and mica. rat dog raskel…a rat terrier…well then…Eric got rottie..and so did michelle bubba get think them… and then got boxer…bob’s first dog child… weird family dog shit…and con had little poodle young… but got yorkies KY horrible sick kennel… buy 2 Gwen and Diana. then think Lilly her and Mari own siblings of…and our first hunting dog beagle..named cookie….well 2 peeps named cookie..bob’s cousin call that rita ann… and black boss Jeff his wife cookie. weird shit. and Y and beth…get first david dog.. bred to lawyer dog..of david’s breeding.. live Indiana he do…david’s lawyer help.. A litter? can’t remember as 2 purchas them no use litter name one…think..maybe cause of lawyer…breed. Beth call her’s abigale abby… Johnnie and Patty them purchased that house from call theirs. M??? have ask beth… but… next Y get one train..purchase showline purchase called Bandit… no can use breeding .. teeth? have ask beth…weird stuff them got more dogs too want to breed… Abby fail there too.. Abby no do bite work either…so we then 3 some with Johnny Patty too, but them left david,,at separate…divorce…Tammy involved medical suppy co she was. word this could go on forever.

Well and when left last time…couldn’t remember see but did catfish… SJ Smith…fisher river sell to all kinds restaurants fish fry friday night have… Eric must have helped in some way… but he got the blame sent prison time drugs SJ pack inside fish…Eric maybe delivery dude … went time for…then rent place tie that family we did…them no like… and crystal his new wife a semi mover lady..tell go pick up..work home do. Well them have horses and dog…no can rent bob say no dogs…. she say…board horses have place dog stay..so no dog. So we did.. that what me battle with her court owenton, them bring dog after bob leave think..anyway she cry me… him put holes wall did damage and pulled gun on her…that kinda last staw him… she all her stuff from previous marriage had big furniture…had to store most basement… had money my guess that marriage…one daughter think had older was…then got PG from this dude.. unexpected think..just happened. well them lived together MO he lived her…think driver.. anyway word ..tangled webs we weave. Well think Eric’s wife moved had a new dude.. wanted divorce…so Eric bought out house..sold land them purchased from SJ. well SJ would come see me sometimes…try hook up me…had younger no money live him.. would.. tried to get us buy his old tractor.. anyway had earth moving stuff call me ask can drive across property by pond how he got over brothers guess.. let do.. well he tell me he built that pond and dam. and Eric tell us when move there…them would drain it use in drought time….say no let do and watch for.

Well just talk bob no my scrub free there them cleaning ppl take it gone… and say no was no court we had 23 sheesh have tomorrow..will not help me try zoom.. fix it..me no know of court.. GOD DAM SICK SHIT

and them dam gov peeps change trash pickup bastards.. so pick up today… and now court 9 instead always 9:30 Try call bob but him did say have dr apt today…no answer as sent him and Joe emails I posted. make sure can see…Joe no answer me. My scrub free is not at the house so them cleaning ppl got rid of it…put new shit under sinks. but hey could really care less just reason to call…https://totallyaloneintheword.blogspot.com/2021/11/husband-say-was-no-court-we-no-have.html

So who knows…we may have sheriff Ehrman woman, against David used to train and am sure part…cops Frankfort a while do…Harris ppl, pluse deliver train…Rod Parsley…30K protection dog have him go pick up do…has muslims in there too his dogs…talk me about… now them dogs were killed Lex living…but taken back breed in mid east…think stud for… and of course me purchase from a tammy, candy…candy man girl? them hershy peeps cheri know hung with then david take over…she no talk him…david do now for long time… big mansion had close river…also she had winter or went son’s FL… Joel think…Cheri say him bad boy..screw lots no marry..saying was pass shit too…but his mom…loved Cheri…would come dinner…tea Cheri good about finding out love and have for.. she great was.

Anyway went see if could find..anything stephen ells see… well none came up but cronic ells a game…did watch clip jump out dude with 69 n back as hear woman say class of 69 was bad men.. tell cheri that… all say it was class 69 woman voice no recognize. David grad year. Here is the game.

69 dude first see clouded no face facing forward at 1:18 then :19 see back yellow shirt back 69

Then did hear think “meet your match” did search that and games too.

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Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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