Keep pup if u have to stay


I no see you anyway, if u are a neighbor, and need place of your own.. here ya go…and u talk to David, Beth say has an over powering bitch that is older this pup it could rouine this pup. She tell u stuff has no room for her toys bed all her stuff.. If maybe one of sons need place who the F knows I am kept in dark.

I no want to rouine the pup…she won’t forget me. Also wondered if David got involved got wind of Bev.. he knew her i have no clue who is in cahoots with whome. But Bev’s daughter could break into that house…she has guns safe and jewelry and word it needs watched. Venessa is evil as it gets…and xander over 6′ beat her again put her hospital. Bad news bears. I don’t want Angelbrez rouined with an overpowering bitch female she is to young.

Matthew I will leave u the stuff i have purchased too.. I will be in best care with my family. The place is furnished.. u have to let me know. If u want a particular puter…what ever you need. get a good office chair though lol and a dining table or another tv tray. You know the fireplace works fine.. with a knowledgeable person…them say change if rent out. I no rent u know. It is doable living here I know u have lots to train…word i know. I will leave you all her stuff rugs etc house no change her.. Bev have kitchen take…lots cheap but will do. We will pack from her place take… but she has things must go of mine I gave her…all them canning things..I purchased reusable lids, wash reuse…ppl don’t prepare really how i did that way. rings get get no can. I want lots of my stuff she has. Full of knowledge she is wow farming stuff.

Anyway if can find me travel trailer… we will have to stop, Bev not capable of traveling that distance in 1 day as i do…no can do her back so bad… if have do 4 to 6 hrs we will do to get there…she can’t do that to painful for her. She will need her gater too..need it..told her they have 1 way driver ppl can trailer it take it take u needs. Heck wouldn’t be surprised if Bently has connection for that one. I relied on him heavy. First person I would call with needs. So anyway let me know…I really feel separated if need be i would be better there.. u can stay train here. flip all the door knobs and change them out lol and i don’t know about these dam programmable garages…i no like that shit. Sorry I melted spot on back deck but needs dark stain. lol will leave u weber grill even. you do need ionic breeze i am tellin u you need it.

There is RO unit to install u will need to purchase some things..up to you.. I will leave as is mostly.. need curtains maybe lol rather than pinup pillow cases lol. I like the house or wouldn’t have wanted it it is nicest we have to me pain ass heater filter shit but nice place. Things do need done Bob no do had scotty mess with and should not have…gutter shit. Even have mower dude now lol. and figured how put one garbage one side one other still have room walk around etc. nice storage area back there in garage too…if you want a freezer not know if plug there will look.. but has washer dryer etc door fix shit needs. Have the security rehooked up lol if u want it. You have thicker skin too she got me again…not mean just mouthing want be close…she does…heck my skin bad way back .. ask David. He wanted me to get guards for them. I don’t want her rouined.. u do need to lift up binds so she can stand see out window if u leave. I had both these puter work spots in LR also if hit by ice or whatever.. live 1 room if need be.

I would appreciate knowing. Bev’s daughter know where she keep combination heck I do… lol So anyway hearts desire i need to know. If anything let me know. Even leave my vacuum hahaha need little for trailer…been there done that. had bistle push like grandma had am sure can order but no see no more..that was what had with J and c no need elect for them dudes. I will leave u to try if have not my gal soap spray bottles stuff shower stone for under arms try.. my siblings use can get through them. I would leave ya all.. and no change then for Angelbrez or dog she come… hahaha I will leave this dam scanner. if want another bed other room add u can do. I will take mom’s quilt with me u can have what I purchased. heck can put desk tables one each br for if need train here them have their shit on.. all kinds of doooeeessss Master bath toilet flushes but have to hold the dam thing down till done it a stupid toilet..went to wrong school. Anyway need to make Angelbrez bfast…she wants eggs and sausage. she do like her toast cut in half put nice on each side bowl. have not tried the triangle cut yet…lol

Well you will have to block this one if you no want see Matthew. Bfast was great…and am charging my phone … another thing I will leave for you lol. if you feel like throwing no worry has protecter on it… lol and will make bev think leave her shit her house.. they block my calls to her she no get my msg nothing…she had to call me. So let it be… hahahaha leave shit there them won’t let her use. we will go silently to FL if need phone will put battery in my french connection. I will also get a new old address book and make you in pencil all my siblings info written. Angel got a white well them surgery sponges called rags from Betty…will leave u some too.. have a huge garbage bag them… anyway wrapped one around her R paw lay R side front hall facing LR… so anyway seems Father want her stay with you and u run show or sons from here i have no clue.. I do know this place is capable of supporting if power out..has heat. I will leave all I have here… just take my clothing.. ok? I will also leave Angelbrez crate.. only has 2 screws to go in back corner and a front corner is all there is…but she will need for heat.. dogs are like ppl some heavy some not. Candy used to know if drip and lick up. hahaha this house work for that. Rugs can be washed. Chairs dark color…spills spray miracle wipe. Floors can be filthy can’t seem get all up but no show cept bare foot no be that here…yet look clean..I am telling u black feet you will have need butt wipes u feet…hahaha. and word dog touches door black marks.. them mr clean sponges eraser work great quick get now then…rinse use again…

So anyway have no clue what u want for but will do even if sons want place to work together go work… up to u men. I will leave all that computer crap from dad box…Betty’s monitor all that flip puter to puter stuff I have no clue how to even use. I will take one old verison phone with me…leave other dad’s..has all numbers stored it 47 and leave one of my verison thingies might go back them in FL pay up get new numbers. I will leave one hhuummm think have 2 auto connects thing will leave u for different connections. Have just one..will leave it activate it again… up to you..will decide when led down there. Will tell u dad am keepin house till know what is happening…have sons watching it. Will talk to Eathell…remember Josh well them made him give his drivers lisc for some shit bar here them bastards..keep that boys drivers lisc AZ and made him send for another dam shit shit place is I am telling you. Will see if I can play same and still get FL lisc have 2 places…so lots shit games them bastards play. Goal is get the F out..unless Matthew and you know by mouth…person.. is staying it will be only way mom ever come back here. I will stay with where I have strength and more power that is my family unless Matthew show his face me.

We have same heart and goals…but I have more power my family and sons…so if no together that u do. Only Matthew knows where he has to stay for how long.. he is in farther than mom for sure.. but I top playing.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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