I had mentioned at the end of this post to remind me of the Langston’ our neighborhood….and games? or Father intervention?  This area where we lived Sesame St.  Tarr family…Reynolds family…Boat family, Holtz family, Morris family.. etc..  So back to Langstons mentioned.  meaning of the name Langston

We faced N and S  so keep direction even?  and remember above all God is a name and meaning God..not numbers…but play game He do…why??  Cause He wants to try to get you to see God’s protection within dam games of men.  How names even got changed so no find.  Now might just might do that with a stand up prophet with NO family backing Him??  Leave names where strength is to protect within family.

Back to Dave and I love the name David…never called him that never did.  So am not sure their job total function between husband wife…as a man will try to help his wife gaining some knowledge of the field and try to support her sometimes.  So what I know about them as Dave coach of our co-ed softball… Lou his wife had played our girls team first I think…it as later co-ed added.. start womans, went mens, add co-ed did…So Bob coach womans.. Wells-Boat asked.  Most popular model homes in that young really buy.. 1250 sq ft model name  and 1305 sq ft our model name.  Dave and Lou lived 1250..but added stepdown back huge Family room as that house did not have one.  My brother did same thing his old house live…who do first…deff a cowindie dink.. or maybe daddy mention him do??? Building permits answer the question.   Just to many things our family once understand will fall into line I think do.  Mary and Jeff Tallon..lived on La Donna sound familiar house we own KY well donna part.

Daddy kinda broken heart where grand sons produce him…felt would be double.. as both daddy and his brother had 3 sons…his brother no girls..none.  Sad he was about it me.. no understand that one didn’t.  But he no understood dna… his brother stopped from sending his mother…to daughters…Aunt Elba an only child rich.

Dave and Lou faced E and W…College Ave… from Oklahoma now Oral Roberts there.. but tell me them lived in what they called me never check maps about… tornado alley…left they did.  Well everyone battles the grass planted cheap.. give u free seed did and 2 trees did so came with house buy…only certain things get u free…certain type tree even.,,mulberry one them…burmuda grass seed only.  Now KY calls that weed grass…take over them bluegrass it do.  First frost..kill for winter can see who has it…here KY.  It is hard to kill without killing everything else you have planted it is…battle that even AZ do.

I love flowering spreading plants u can contain..concrete patios make them bed areas for us.  Loved the pink Verbina…

KODAK Digital Still Camera duck search verbina vine I loved…pic 7

Well still battled that blowing seed…if no keep out and keep mow constant.  So I asked probably Lou but maybe Dave does anything eist that get rid of that burmuda in my bed.. that no kill my vine?  Yes let me get and spray you… no tell me I can buy me can’t…who had that knowledge?  Lou or Dave?

Well them had a wedding for their daughter not remember which one…was down talkin Lou see all the things..think we go..  cowboy wedding… maids wear off shade red..cowboy and me learn with best Lou say…dancer western… Dave teach me…never learn them dances me never did them…so am a 1 night learn that one a few dances with him only did…reception go to not wedding…just like Bad2dbone Josh’s wedding…underground I play in.  Bob he paid absolutely no attention knowing that liked them both trusted Dave could care less then..he ain’t gonna dance that..we no dance that just visit reception leave then…make appearance.

Are we starting to get the 2 books needed for salvation only yet?  And this just warm up to how them went after both my sons…they WILL NOT TAKE FROM THEIR MOM OR THEIR FAMILY..I WILL NOT PERMIT IT NEITHER WILL MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look up…I did get to play…updating new looks copyrights  blogspot…and here. played voiceinnumbers.  A site I restored back to my son’s that was theirs…still is.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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