12:58 now just back and did sweep floor inside… had then see if find song see ifn remember play it first then tell u after about my running.

Ones not make it back home also applies to them doctrines of men peeps. So I hear a bit different this song. Fits military though…didn’t know if remember hearing to find but that my thought and did other things longer go time forget u know? If’n no forget might be reason.. men no stand as should battle need learn..take down.. for God…war specialist…that why after men..fishers MEN of war know how battle…no woman’s job… aid can certain areas…be trained u bet…should know how shoot…load..train good.

So could no stand no more got rid dog..ask me her name say dog..called David he no there say drop off girls..well told David I would email him about her.. told girls i couldn’t even register…call owner litter help no will do even… did scan them papers funny names them drs. have…and dates..so copy scan all her papers have here see numbers etc..dates..etc…where come from see. Still have to do that one…wanted delivered 11th hour sometime.. well make lots drive bys on way..capitol.. them had back of it blocked off me no can circle..have drive through loaded parking lot behind dammed all them colors and vehicles…drive by gov mansion can do same him circle little circle complete front capitol… then goo peach pit one ways forgot end up on steale..take then go shelby..think name..capitol again flashing yellow..turn.. go back alley way we have live basement there..drive side building back on woodward? well one way no can get back.. so have turn R..say ok turn R again go other direction back alley again..got thru to road…up then to Davids.. loaded with white vehicles that lot was. As give them stuff..laughing tell them some her weird stuff.. say told David would write him about her…since him no there think me got there 11:45 or 6 my clock….well let there…joy was…she bark hair up all inside there…them had 2 dogs on beds training stay put dogs…black…L side walking in of course we are not backwards u know… so left joy drive last min look clock think go eat Casa Fiesta by golly..last min turn in do….. thought no am not having what usully have thems don’t have tamalle’s on them lunch stuff..combo’s so order one..beaf.. and order chick..burito..ancilata style ..like sause.. order a margARETTA WOW LONG TIME NO HAVE ON ROCKS WITH SALT WORD…never been given one in a bear stein…. drank half..well David and I would go lunch sometimes there and he and I would go once in a while ifn he needed to be net connected to penara bread co..we meet…so will remind him hahaha ask to keep me informed and want to know if hear where from end up getting her..will see. Am hoping the man son our side. me say over out to him, him stay out. I hate to post all these docs did them gimp..j dudes programming stuff stuff. can’t use paint this..won’t even taking graph line checks out puts them in again…made me have use gimp tho. two more songs for think david one and laughed names these peeps have too..and home is where heart is..better be God


Them orchastra type dinedine listen to

Didn’t really want to get up…but here am I. Let the thing yes a movie out…she brings me a clean night gown I let sit on the mstr bath sink counter. L side. Brings it to me kitchen drops as I say to her… yes my clean night gown told her it was Bob’s moms she gave me…say oh well need to do laundry today anyway… but first let me say this she has big ears lol and I was saying mentioning weird things well no say some but did say well after mom graduated… I did buy a mothers day card for Betty, think only one did…and not sure could have been following year… it was like an advertisement… Mom wanted type thing.. well never got another think but maybe cause watching Daddy die to me. Anyway she bring me that night gown. drop it in front when tell her about washing closes put in front dish washer. Then sitting here get on she go get a big bone raw hide 2 got total of 4 but has 2 left not chewed on… she bring one of those.. i recognize it bring me R side…say her then went off somewhere who knows where she moves stuff around a lot.

Well I rolled over on back before get up thoughts..start coughing….say yeah I would cough at that one too…well got zoom going with Beth, I like Beth but then can’t think of anyone didn’t get along with. Well she did tell me David had new litter want think 4500 a pup for….Well David might find out my Harris dude…bet him better..well him led of Lord…even tho as all us..have shit overcome. Well God desires to break them battles try show how to pray WAR….woops play So my thoughts..well Beth and I laugh catch up…but Beth brothers masons…so Beth have log in to court. well kinda like church. Her daddy 90…them boys masons do?? no hear that one…but who do for him… her Johnny, live him day left her house divorce. So can a sibling if know truth watching me, kick shit brothers? Will see…heck I would mine…no man will stand in my way… no sibling either. Did find out that litter of she got David…his lawyer, IN dude professor was, for AZ college on line even…Phx college. me do him website too… Ron a David dog had David paid put up sperm of. Johann dog name. Beth’s dog daddy again with Hady think not sure though… Q litter so all dogs had different any name want but Queenie or Queen first name all females. David might have named them all don’t know for sure. Well all them turned against David second time as them did get back think then break up again too. Word the dog stories and names… ones stay we did have a Jax…them close and purchased parker pup..female black…Indiana them drove from..he did voice on David commercial…really good commercial was…wow stories…and weird christmas purchases and funny ones Jacobs. Like kinda weird this … years silverware me get…and from who where. 4 sets think well 5 counting from Sis…last set get. 6 if you count ones I then purchased after Bob left…kept them..Big Lot 9.99 think box might still have a box check..could b garage…buy 2 boxes think maybe 4 depends how many box…if for 8 then 2 boxes.

Well Bob was darn right picky about silverware.. no like what his parents got us for wedding gift. forks not sharp enough..when poke lettase should get.

So when get to move AZ… Stew and Drew Boyd next door them neighbors.. she work Romada In think… not sure but hotel system.. bring silver ware from there… woe him like them sharp forks. Them also had what comes with no people buy low cost them long narrow tea spoons… me still have kept no can find.

Still no like set…why because handle to skinny want sharp forks..one stab ones.. big handles hang on to…picky about coffee cups too. how many fingers man can get with in that handle. So had his picks. Then me get box from an I no picky..for christmas, no like them either… next year another box me get… when me see feel box am like word… but this silver and a case hold silver in… now she had one herself maybe go girls who knows… but she buy me silver. Use holidays all…well that only one me have Thanksgiving.. Christmas eve at her house… me no dress or cook christmas day after bob’s dad passed no running have to do…bob always got bring home left-over pot pessolie she make..him eat that all day me no cook no dress… now Betty had a no dress day think too… New Years…so weird things.. I was only one who would go..as she made all holiday stuff, cornbeaf & cabbage on st patricks day… pork sour crout new years.. me go no one else go…me take home some left overs bob would eat…but no go…weird family…we always all show…even no like show. Bob no like short fork either… won’t use salad…and Y no like long want short. weird hangups u notice peeps. Betty shoe woman 2 huge boxes in closet..plus some out use…and material girl song…had 1 dresser full fabric..not used. Most woman do have things hooked on they do..c buy all time if know them…and no need. Clothing never worn purchase. My mom yell me about…2 name use… well i was no material girl usually… Betty also had gave me huge box leftover yarn…so do crochet with…so no buy that even. Started making squares diff colors with that big box… never finish am jump around… mom came bring her mom az that time alone with Aunt Marion…her mom’s sister…She take that big box think… at least took all squares me no finish… she put all together mail me. small muliti color used black put all together with.

Well one thing mom’s mom do think for all but don’t know… crochet same blanket… know connie had hers..don’t know cheri got them for hers… pink blue white.. same pattern use us all… that point one. Con’s same pattern and color mine.. never saw Cheri have but maybe no like. Might have just been one get..first child. Just weird stuff think about. Dad’s dad hand made us shadow boxes… and candle holder for table…hold 6 candles did..made wood. don’t know ifn just us girls got. Aunt Elba always makee cloths for our barbie ken dolls think Cheri might check her…maybe down the line got a Rex doll.. black hair… have ask…then buy packs of shoes things give with…funny can’t remember my godmother… what get. maybe she add stuff.. forget..no remember. she did make my wedding dress… think me only one in hand made one. Aunt Elba and mom do all cooking my wedding make… Elba worked made hand made school cafeteria food..had and knew large portions potato salad things that.

So it was Daddy side family involved me not mom usually go buy with…as do Con…did do normal brides made…go get.. have snap. Judy Meyers Catholic took my name her confirmation name ask have. Her mom top Avon? one of them ones think got pink cadolac. Me have no go pic pattern what want…for peeps go get list.. Judy buy me place setting of stoneware..blue patern stayed around a long time see..never purchased extra. weird shit…God.. well I chose Judy as Con to pg no can do…due any time she was. Got meat grinder bob’s side family…stick counter then move anchor looking thing to lock stick. would unstick all time not like mom’s scews lock under counter one… deehaven chevrolet dudes.. all go together…pitch in money…purchase us canister set…dark brown had wheat on pic… stuffed to with bunches of rubbers dick ones. plus money. weird shit i am telling u. I forget which made my cake..think elba or maybe aunt phil them call her phil..first born she was think just weird stuff…as i now see game…action… reaction.. mom always ask what i got…and what boys got…so counter measures taken. mom dad quit doing christmas no decorate no more me did same…am sure stopped maybe when move from red oak to cline…would have to ask me no there.. Chris still home so not sure. Them know am sure me no keeper of “stuff” so had to be weird…like daddy write me and mom send me news…that weird…the girls little family passed down rockiing chair was to be mine…no can take to big…had white seat covering put on… Cheri took that…but me no have girls either…and me unlike sis’s…got dinette from mom’s mom drop leaf little was… square if drop both sides…gray top…i paid did have them recovered seats…kept long time…till betty give me want me have her dinning table. think put grandma’s back covered porch use outside dining…till rusted…just what me do is all…maybe that why daddy leave gas outside. So I have never ever had a dining table I wanted and by golly one day plan to have.

Who only ones to get bran new bedroom furniture… Cheri and I white gold trim when move red oak… Con got own bedroom then. Me re-did J and Josh house sammie… when buy river oak..all hand do bedrooms make all curtains etc that house. painted Josh carla stuff black shiney black. made his room gray white fancy like did farm my room… and made J already purchase him new bedroom suit there same I got for guest still have upright chest of…other basement Josh house of… set for J… and a dark cranberry color J room curtains made… dollar a yard material me purchase walmart clearing material tables…them more God things cowinky dinks. 500 that set was…as recall…the walls so bad see hated in blueride house ky…use wallpaper on…stone looking tear paper…put up over lapping make look stone did guest room… 2 walls…make other dark color them ok no see drywall…yuck.

On edgewater sooooooo many layers of wall paper mom could not fix no like get rid of… had uncle steve come think… huge steamer thing big flat rectangle lay on hold steam get that shit off…forget how many layers there was. Cheri want everything white no color at all till lots lots older try light colors…no like anything on counters…no want help do kitchen etc. No like Con’s house stuff counters…kitchen…mine better to her… more picky about everything.. am sure no like how me did anyway no like way put dishes in dishwasher… but let me do she did…even tho tell me no. I just am not good with that word…if led do…so different than mom always got up do never asked…maybe from Yeshua say ask me do…when not my house…my siblings is my house…no tell me no do..no ask them either just do..sometimes did at Chris’s there so long.

word…and have not posted good ones. have no clue how mom dad did that with child never do…am sure see know hear do as directed maybe maybe them prayers… have no clue that one. and them foreigners next door bettys couldn’t speak hardly english russion think…wanted my Tige to breed to… Tige dig under fence got glendale bitch dog.. Diane and her hubby…that a story their life word.. Diane make my ceiling to floor drapes cover full wall when we move back to sesame st… she did… first drapes have there, did put up when made rental mormans rented…couldn’t pay rent church did. weird shit i am tellin u. the battle of the churches word word word. well no church really bob…well kinda…in no always go… and charlotte a big billy grahmmer…daddy back then an Oral Roberts. word it is huge battle. Son’s need to know word…and a battle of the sexes…u better believe it…well I purchased would not not not let bob have from GA..hand made…tooth brush holder never seen before.. Nat that have to have pot maker… thought she would make them never did. Bob moved that to his bathroom while me there with him made give me back no can have. mine. cause holded his razor too…used to keep there with my tooth brush…ours together all basement in dinedines… not new house mine..just razor had as would do shower that room…made him go buy his own tooth brush holder…when we seperate…he took my bathroom made give back…him ask can use me say NOOOO NOW him put tape on it have left till new name..lean metal razor against he did put on… have not removed yet but am not done with the man yet it seems.

since I can’t get rid even though remove them check marks shit paint program.. lines off my pictures cant crop this…


I am done here.

Well did some other things… ran into a movie online looked interesting by golly. came back to post it.

Love it Son hahaha You ain’t seen nothing yet from u momma

hahaha then go play one of my songs..but hey have to kick them mormon houses over we do… laugh as see House Jump… of course my sister Con and I had babies close age..me go there do my laundry bob drop me off…stay all day would she was always out of TP when I showed up/… had yell her… but…JJ baby we bounce one knee to other fly air… singing JJ jipper jopper JJ JUMP him fly to other knee… loved he did. see this pic think my eldest Son…

To good think Jenna Lee her love sing she did mic

LOL talk Santa used to have Pic J big boy work waffle house take pic lap santa think had black cook apron on?? can’t remember no have my christmas no more…used to set out funny it was had R hand air did….a cowinky dink?? mom can’t wait see 50 grandpa say strongest ever life…me stopped it won’t listen more 3:07 fully loaded.

Jenna Lee think… same color hair even.

time check court see get in. and not pretty mom pissed have stay 2-10 super is day for sure pissed…have cheer song for u boys NFL we know what that mean… am telling u bloodlines… God can keep thru J Christopher and Jenna still young enough u stay this shit place.. Josh best get out of town… ready to fire brimstone KY I am.. so song for u ass far ass u children as mom understand this stuff u don’t get it yet.

and that matthew if Father no let thru oh woeeeeeee

It is called u best get out of Dodge…think J have one of them and mom call it Dodge ball…

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