Yes been up taking shop with several.. now will as this time am going to leave if I spelled wrong title… often do spell wrong, will check now see if I did, I did put song to check… now my sister Lynda might know if this is truth what an individual told me.. Think it was my boss at a very short time work for receptionist just before move first time Glendale. As of course I did typing for him too…made spelling errors using regular typewriters..him of course check what I typed and correct paper. He ask me a question…where go school? were you taught to read by phonetics I say yes sir,,,he say that is the reason u will spell things not properly… you must use dictionary check u. He say you spell how sound…not meaning proper use. English hard language… no want to get rid me though, he say I best front room receptionist meet and phone call receiver this company to direct ppl where go see answer questions them needed. So here u dictionary…I will keep checking u spell. So directing traffic more important to boss for his company…than my spelling when he ask me to type him business letters. Just sayin. Now my sister Lynda would maybe know if that is truth…but…which is truly better? forced me look up words check myself it did when truth pointed out to me? re English hardest language to learn. Now that one she may have to ask Father herself.

Question then? A cowinky dink? shown me by Father? memories me remember where came understand? U ask. Next question who gave me that key? owner boss man man man man not woman. See a proper order house there? U ask Father. So within my current houses error needs bloodlines father of that black child named putt on that child…get out of wrong fathers house pedigree truth. Is same your house? How many dad’s raising paying for children that no belong to them? What they want you to do..well this I was directed to do by world see if find still dna place forum question. cowinky dink? or God intervention see truth how world lead u? Well I can only find part…I can’t get to my original question.. re testing son’s say no do that…but there hidden now. Matthew stop it… dna proof them no belong house children.. let get to know real dad’s and mom’s maybe. I just may have mentioned pg before married there first born… mom warned me this being pg before marriage.

scriptures shown Matthew know by me tell see as no remember who question Soloman? don’t know he a judge…but a judge see ot no haver dna tests then…2 woman say child theirs…in court battle… judge decide cut baby in half give each half…mom real mom yell noooooo give her baby…. judge say that real mom…give her her child…version story by cyd

what say then…demand who u believe dad is dna test too.. then say..Father gave me your child to raise..he thought u no good.. now meet your child…get to know him time he live with u a while as that child has eyes to see things….why? cause he is a grandma’s boy. might be time to get him her away from mom…u get visitation rights… start then u teach focus stay now with Father while visit u…no let other not of Father teach instruct there in u visitation. Father save him maybe for back to future…maybe baptized by true Prophet of Fathers bind both release go with binding u know…so who’s house is really house that child u were given to raise? one she was married to? had child of or could be hidden u. yes even Tori, given to my brother to raise. I have another brother same boat…covered further than that one he did even grandchild given raise…hear say mom of them children of hers what house belong…could be truth… Father wants to know. Get you houses in order…prove who’s u are…needed by defenders of truth…no order in u house no belong house. Amen

PS said it before this only applies earth Matthew and I.. Father can make wives, husbands turn and stand if no want to leave but try stand first house u live…but must be order proper order… or Father will take one leave other…some call paul rapture…as no understand.


By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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