Nauty or nice? dogs u know

BRB I made it here… no yelled talked not sure what or who preaching to the choir I was doing … that aint truth as yelling preaching at Matthew only one I know I am ONE with… Need to get dog pic off here show…but need to clean up mess first…BRB

Well got all the mess cleaned up… well as mom would call it “a lick and a promise” meaning quick job not complete but good enough for gov. Now I did yes take pictures… well the dog wanted me too… usually she no want her pic taken…as see me get camera and runs. So how I know well she comes and pulls string on my camera case.. so did snap it before coming here i don’t know how many times try but no get in..puters.. well this at word Matthew what the heck time as I unplugged it from br. Well that dog… want me talk as pissed I am talk head Matthew.. she want me yell out loud him rather than head… how me know… she come scratch her R ear me. So spent most the night yelling outloud at Him,,, on things even mentioned…adding of course to them. Someone recording..? my guess is yes…why? I told Him no one else Him to watch me keep eye on me. Why no one elsse…because there is only one man in this world I asked to pray for me…Him…and want no man’s hands on me this world to pray for me.. Hot tempered I am. Can have hands on me this world… well want and hug my family do.. no ask one to pray me though.. well did once Cheri…she no man.

So yell yell and well tears and well sick world we in…that man heart world cause like Father well is flesh- evil but Yeshua was u no get it. I do maybe for Him same as me…no person world He find but me get it. Cause we are ONE evil Yeshua flesh…never leaves never leaves never leaves… u no get it…believe doctrines of men not God So keep listening sister song try try try… and play Him song he gave me.. and bast him…ask how long 50yrs worth marriage get out of Matthew? So yell at all time raise the dead Matthew…well world no get it He does want to hear my thoughts no matter if like no like up to man I am not but do want to hear my thoughts. Why? I am inside him part of him I hear him he hears me… and we never have met…so I can say truth… no man on this earth have I met truth would I trust… teach that to son’s show why…hard to sons have to listen to mom…bet them do me… so show hand time could cause my son’s whom we train together… hard on us was what had to do each other to do. and there 144000 He has to find train? world of how many? Told him send that to my cousin Theo math dude CERN Swiss well that really not only number…is..but divide by 2 2=1 man sent out…right? takes two how Yeshua sent them… so we talk well I yell shop… or yell here shop if show or no show up Him. anyway brb… need to look up some words yell about but did stay me. that dog of yours is running thru house whipping u know mean.

had to put u dog still delayed and forgot add u do me all time pissed off yelling you trying to calm me down is put your presence on me… God no do that pissed off yelling him me no yell Him…never yell daddy either. I hate that and I hate hearing u heart bbeat my R ear make u stop it. How many times tell u I will hear it in flesh that we are or no want to hear.

back Matthew I am not doing this godaddy won’t let me change my hosting setup password… and have email set for mom email not J as do… already shut down one puter as did snap ff pdf file made it rename to the searchword rant it auto go me no do… snap save ff pdf file… save try upload that puter want me log into c-panel no let me look pass… so pulled plug not messin this shit… came this other puter logged in also, let me go setting change pass say type show same use… no let me.. so will look song u say and have tell u again no like ear…just stop doing that.

and only remember one word not 2 song am sure give me look not there need other word so forget it… and define rant auto came up bing no have them set think look ff file put download…nothing in it..on other puter. sick world u already know that one…we in total agreement…u heart to big want fix all. I can’t finish well could pic at time …u dog then done


Good bye

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By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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