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Of course I did post this re Matthew and snapped startpage which still use now and then..stating I finally found him. What you need to understand from the beginning with training my son’s using the name book Matthew… I yelled at the man…stating I researched you from the start…found your first marriage your full name etc.. and guess what…said Father has blocked u name me… I no remember your name yet know I looked up as prayed about things to find you and who the heck you were. Said you are blocked me for a reason, should Father allow me remember your name…then will see. So did say these things to Matthew. I thought Matthew Stephen were 2 different people. sidekicks…of course also mention David Ells whom i knew and had daddy talk to..there find Matthews read name. Pissed off Ells did get…stupid follow man as everyone.,,but that man worse to me..he reply me each line answer me scripture give me made all his typing red… so made man words red too…woooeee…so me see email from Ells full thing black and red… me black him red very fitting.

Well I did finally do search Ells site appear again with Matthews name on it..made comment did….cept still say him see if I remember it…don’t even know how pronounce and I am no mourner. and wanted J to track that dude…ask him too….did continue to use name to train my son’s. Crushing it would get to me…how can you not love someone Father use to train you? I loved him..grabbed from him as he no use name Jesus to bind things can that be led of Father u bet just as Father knowing my heart listen to daddy say only books me read.

People want to put Father in a box… word I never do that…go to court Him lots with all things possible.. like no shut me out remove this then ok. So my dealings with Father so totally set apart any in world ever see or meet. Well I did crop the start page image see better.. will put

Well David wanted me on facebook… he also used twitter wanted me try there… did try… no like.. just stuck with doggie site and his website. What happened though…is google change their SEO and no more put David top.. stop doing title searches… reading embedded same color text would plant in his website.. he didn’t know I would hide that stuff maybe mentioned him might have we talked really quite often as that his business too. David even tell me, I was only person wouldn’t want to go up against puppy training by certain time…give do…so he recognized same gift he was blessed with…plus how the heck would I forget name Harris not I ask the court?? and just who Father name King name?? I ask you?? A name tied to both side my house…childrens house… David Jacob, and uncle Dick… david ricky and randy sons.

I want David try try who is with though…Father decided that not man if them willing is all can say.. not up to me .. I want if he will do online as I know his heart…and desire had to write a book with all his knowledge… that man has so much untold.. needs protected just like son’s protect mom. would want for David. His children should keep their dad alive too… best man ever met and know in life. Even when got pissed him… he never shut me out… just let cool off see happen…so treated me with highest honor and respect he did.

So question and I know David know this as well as me as his medical training he has… can…gov…make bee or whatever sting a person and plant disease… and drive dog crazy with a medication? Sting dog. so lets ponder these things OK. By the way, never could remember Matthews name… finally did write it on paper keep by me.. BTW David only one to wire me money on my trip and do immediately…no think about that one…me stay wait till done…and him would still try plant me new seed would…by saying him doing totally new..his way plant me… took up guitar he did…and involved everything I did new. The other thing about David and I…when we were together even driving… never never never can I remember that man having any music on for me to even know what he listened to.. his focus was not music when together it was on the talk we did. You don’t see qualities like that in a man.. am sure women he has been with never ever notice that in him. So would have to say he is my hero.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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