Written and Posted 12-25-2021

3 birthday candles put on cakes of older…represent Past-Present-Future is what was done.  snap it santa didn’t mention twin daughter my GEhrman was.. one children one raise any either…and Alabamma TN christmas where she was born…a peek nope raised by but a Paynter first born..Painter.. had then 2 Charles  diff middle name.  Josh pic.. born end season.. how many days b 4 christmas?  J born on Larry Harris bday.  Mom has to b able to b herself for time remaining do Father for my son’s.  I will stand that path till my breathe taken.  Will go ahead post this fill in gap no not the shopping store my sis made me them off size different direction clothing..depends where shop what size u are.  Will see who can see…for witnesses and for thoughts or questions I would like answers to.

might b just a sittin duck..why cause only u matthew know answer to this if we together… when have visitation  whom Father give you to raise… send other out vacation site see influence propper training with one Father gave u… make go see by them selves.  send them trip together go see…make sense..well i know I do u… so a sittin duck.

I own 4 drinking items…2 travel mugss… and 2 coffee cups.. I just added my second travel mug on my rage trip..purchased in Danville the rainbow one…so now own 4 total coffee type.  I purchased Blue travel and 2 cups here in Frankfort before moving out.  I just purchased a new rainbow metal, no rubber on bottom that dishwasher removes.. my road rage trip or my in Frankfort I purchased this loaner rainbow metal travel cup..been in my dishwasher as no have receipt for ..thought scanned..but bottom still has as if never in dishwasher yet has..looks bran new sticker..I scaned it and took snaps both camera’s see what is best.  the 2 coffee cups got was one from dollartree…1.00 odds ends get rid of white with lemons on it..think little sis..when life hands u a lemon make lemonaide…the other a loner cup or would have purchased sis one but could not…a heat sensitive change colors of Wonder woman.. they do not have this cup to show so have 2 take pics…rainbow represents what? days of Noah…so now have 2 each diff types..interesting thing the tops look different yet are interchangable.. rainbow totally clear lid…Blue no name on that and loosing paint blue from dishwasher…clear with wide black slide close top.

So matthew would it even be possable for one given to raise have hidden visitation?  ok u say yes.. thank u.  testing upload pdf here belongs as see J first try launch write.  meals weight loss forget name he called..FireShot Capture 044 – coffee travel mugs no label – –

coffee cup wonder woman heat sensitive color change   search..they do still carry the product… but do not have the only one there was that I chose for myself  will have to snap mine.

Label stuck to bottom of Rainbow travel mug
Frst travel mug only one had out used at 108 Calhoun, as forgot my white Blog Father mug left at Chris house. Purchased 2 center -cups for move to sequoyah, not used till then -7-1-2021
spinning cup alignment re-snap last one added was rainbow travel mug purchased receipt gone snapped
This with handles at the back of cups.. lemon came dollar tree 1.00 forget pay wally world wonder woman heat changes colors…. as you can see they changed the date on my camera as I am posting this 12-25-2021 at 5 PM at the moment

These I purchased and use for my dog feeding dishes she has: got them has 2 sets so 8 Yes I can choose her color for the that like Queen for the day?

JUCOXO Wheat Straw Fiber Bowls my dogs food dishes

I purchased as did not own..what I wanted sent Bob link for to order me I paid him ck for.. what I was sent was NOT what I ordered… I did not want stone type anything in my dishes.. now I never owed them young…but my best friend Becky had these for her dischess…why?  children push plates off things…can’t use normal house dishes for babbies…had to purchase baby stuff..make baby no like rest family it does.  I ordered seee if find.. will snap as am sure will remove link when make pic the link.  You could purchase full set like this…wow price went up since I made order seems me… and walmart also carried extra’s unboxed u could add to if wanted a dish at a time.. I did add as no need that was not provided them used what given me gifts…but when children gone didn’t need them really…any longer.  The don’t even offer that type thing in fancier wedding planners bride want list.  So question?  Why the heck would Father lay my heart want this when I did purchase cheap b 4 at cheap store stone or glass products at Big Lots alway after move KY?  Why would Dine dine purchase me a 1/2 set think her..of light house dishes?  me happen to run georgetown shopping ctr and get another 4 piece put cabin?  weird shit..what is God?  Does Father see me needing baby plates at my age?  have no clue but did and refused I was to get what I ordered…and woooeeee double the price now since that what I ordered.  Question…why why why did I refuse walmart having prints?  want plain white nothing on it… I would not want my child to be anything but creative part of family to see..sis not want picture at dinner table..big going around them noticable…don’t you fit your pictures on a child or force them not be same as family..see on my own now?  Did my mom purchase stoneware for me and china as I had no list.  Yes she did…mom wanted my son’s see this when sit booster seat there.  see if find something similar.

She purchased this stoneware me dark coppery brown… and daddy friend harvey chevy place bob worked…had come from them pitching in…the exact thing canister set..stuffed with rubbers and money.  The china set mom got me was cheap there…discontinued leftovers…so weird numbers of things she buy all…10 plates setting..extra little disches…lots more coffee cup and saucers…20??  white…with real gold line around edge…well I am a dish washer person…so gold start wash off in limited use…thanksgiving only did I have.  weird stuff.  My guess but don’t know on cheri wedding.. would find out details…but guess she no want them involved… maybe pay for not sure.  I would love to know.  Never thought about the wedding planner before.  inquireing minds want to know.  Who planned your wedding?  Who chosen to marry you?  Should son…force 1st wedding date? since on Aunt sis bday Nat chose made?  Who set that date?…knowledge JW’s??  Knowledge miscariage not u child?  Well Father could have hidden somewhere dna proof no yours…possable…ultrasound…navel needle test pg  .. make sure baby don’t have syndromes?  Only Matthew may know where hidden u seek fine have no clue…

My first love have..Albert Staley… first time weird…no break cherry…second time yes..weird shit that is me…his best friend… David Irwin…become no bed partner yet..took over my heart.. as he knew Albert…when left go ohio… but killed auto accident.. my big brother saw think..both Al and David in vehicle.. Al thrown out…David killed… why?  as David saw finally me no no no had heart for Al..could b around both see that he could.. killed…friends David’s sister in school  Diane..she who call me…me sleeping…he was to call me when they got back town…why?  daddy made me be home certain time…cheri had same time was with David… them pick me up go home with them instead…how much family in all that?  Mom come get me get on phone…talk Dianne say her mom hear me…I say..stop u tell me that before…not true…me heard before no see.  word for that too.  that the pic never took down bob see my br stay…senior big pic…my room corner shelving there in house..used to be con’s room.. Al replaced David in their wedding as david killed.  weird man can plan all that no man.

Only fancy meal..ever taken to by Al, was to break up with me.  Can’t at moment think of hard girl..he went with and broke up with…come me… but think see both larry and david keep doing too.  biker type her…more like diane irwin type…not david totally diff them to siblings.  I think I have covered plenty for u to get pictures of u life…what God and what man game…and which son’s of daddy more listened him? more listened mom.  Of my brother’s only brother I have will kiss me mouth..Carey…do he do that with any other sister?..well Con in life all time… but Cheri and I visit.  can’t remember but cheek mentioned?  oh well just had to point out things my fam…may get written..or Matthew J decide not me or just up to Carey his godfather both those are him…I have no clue.  Did sister lynda family force baby baptism them babies?  same denomination?  maybe different synods.. don’t know till ask her…so may no write if have no second witness..  lots of the good stuff not written and confirmed yet.  J you can bet u first marriage tv recorded…me no tell u grandpa tell me..mouth shut..ifn’t my daddy no tell a reason…  but them also know whom u had be stand up guy witnesses…was it Nat’s baby’s dad?  You might also bet..recorded too…a tv bedroom ppl?..that you refuse let Nat have u room? bedroom?…josh that dude video’ed all over the place  lol…cheri videod we all were…still are.

The best for last

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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