Sons Of Men

“sons of men” exact quote

What a thing to wake with…but a point in right direction for what we even have for truth. Recognize it from Matthew when he bound satan and witchcraft over me never using word Jesus. Referring to Father as Abba. Question can Father slip those 2 word’s into a man saying he was a prophet and b a profit? Please list me 1 only 1 Yeshua say will not b forgiven men? Now Yeshua also say God is a spirit…Yeshua say..say all u want about me it forgiven..he flesh what was his other half?

So zip up them books we have..full files even..because first have find who has original books…who they b…the bear and the eagle. Where the heck is the original book them bear’s say they have???? is truth???? them catholic’ live in show me state. Well the shrowd was forced to be shown wasn’t it how? I have no clue…what or where did the demand for that was it given it to them catholics to produce? We bomb steal artifacts useless in eternity. We have a world thinking if no have tongues no have spirit. I want big sign say.. whatever how many works needed for binding loosing is even needed…why? Cause what does Father give me? So these are unclear me need to go court..with more court power than just me on that one??..well best in court for that one is pointing out said about much speaking…now granted this is not speaking…but it is written. So I can see it now…a full new line of blue letter bibles…be nice if get name right Yeshua and no J OT ok?..if truth b known know truth would maybe look more like reading of that geneva bible too. lol for us well as Scott Patterson say he was…” an Anglish professer” teaches cow tippin too…well now scott wanted to be out where if he wanted he said to piss off his deck he would. Jimmie Lynn fam mountains?? we went family gathering lol she tell a brother no man can understand talk..right she was..say but think had one like that them wanted tv…news or something forget but sent special language talk news must be trainable. Who knew Scott? David the observer. For what?? regular toe nail clipping.

I love my family, and desire to be with ones I love and hate it here. Betty about same age move…stay with only family she had.. now she had 2 daughters & Daryl living in OR then…most want to be where think care and love come from them.. who was that ? use 4…5 counting Sammie. She gave up all her friends for that too.. And just who was it found the 1st home them brother’s buy how close her? God? or man? For who do for? I go shop houses with her.. u mom..input. One purchased mom made them make a change for her. Stupid laundry room door open into small dining.. struggle get laundry out..and was..pain around table. Never in all reading done have I ever heard of an inlaw introducing their inlaw as one wish born themselves of.

I was never promised anything by Father in this world re another husband… saw things say even to J he would see mom marry Matthew…Saw land Owenton on.. me hate KY…can satan plant? My heart always Fathers only..that the truth path set ppl on.. and was taught. His desire was for all b 1 with Father in flesh as He was. Amen.

I have things got remade like family singing one..use that for america..probably no copyright on. videos of family no copyright on steal make movie. hahaha well them can as ppl maybe like me did lots reading stories here there tie together. Certain ppl’s stories need protected..our family stores are one…cause how mom able to help ppl see God in their lives think He no cares about them.

Things needed to set forth try never tried.. cept by individual. Mom feels hard pressed to get her son’s and siblings on set understanding path go… I have reached age of say good person. hahaha It was J’s heart for world and all know…mom well she just trying to find anyone in the world like her…and have that to chat with…sick of shut up…want to talk about the word try solve my questions….and knowing has to come from man…I don’t fit that one…know my place.

Funny though in house change for me want built.. I hated also young with children…that u would open see my full house…usually a mess till no come till bob off work…well that 1305 great that too keep LR picked up.. one in glendale no see kitchen family that house..i did have to be LR more see front though. No like Naranja for front at all that live there long either did we…back to sesame st u go. Bob lost job..God or man? Highest dollar place usually had all for me…raising little get. Question did daddy know why me wanted him to have chuck build 1305?? You betcha…Question could we afford to buy it? You betcha!! Forced that house…make change to live…huge laundry room behind kitchen..window even had.. no kitchen eating… open up that wall remove it we had to pay extra to leave out wall…well washer dryer in like closet bifold doors close got kitchen eating. Bob’s buy lowest price high dollar area. That of course changed him with age want shop.

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By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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