The never ending bfast

Word Matthew I went and did it again…see u tag correct..but me just a wife giving opinion to man understands her. Me no no no power seat sir u know me know that. I will get to finishing other one promise… unless u close them tabs sometimes u know as know me…as in to much for her shut her down. Father bring back He will shut her down. so will post with now again putting last paragraph first.. with movie clip hear if there. no have clip long duck search…movie clips a mirror has two faces scene “all I really want is someone to know me really know me” well u do cause we are one Matthew but in most houses them be some or in my case 2 son’s put heads together mom see all her..

Interesting word pic had to check see
This wow sad saw stood out about death Birds them used to use birds in cages in mining don’t know if still do…kill bird get out there fast.

Lots could take over the best if open source Matthew my son’s as well others know trying make a buck… u them against them take over their shit.. make yours…open source do? Like my video dude did them hide? them can do more than him. and put world people on even..……….

properly directed…take them shits over with their own shit…already written…i don’t know ropes on that open source shit. Higher them good geeks did…make do more. work for u…make flash scriptures words God them puters work on…remind even workers work world. Put button on say if notice flash…click read…may hear a word from God need them do…call button need a lift? or something need insite whatever. Question if just use words in scripture Yeshua said or put it before every one quote.. just how soon them loose that Jesus word? Even ones in world work for say christ company do this higher outsiders? have a click want to know him link to find say something like want me find me something for goodness sakes. How many times ppl need to stop pause break a moment.. I believe God Matthew He said me Suddenly…that means there just change. Son’s need new protect HIM from world. yet add I can’t explain it… Josh know mom talk better but can explain mom to his brother what he feels mom sees. then present mens way see… woman not educated to fit that yet there are them gifted understand direction can explain us. Like bob say me I make no sense him… J struggle figure out what mom say him Josh understand mom quicker..can translate language… I have no clue how or what type direction takes in a man’s worldd so not from me really just someone knows and can apply in mans understood world. Josh have that gift of ppl.. am sure others have that gift…can read understand suggestions.. need someone look at that that see future can translate. I can’t explain needs to be men… u don’t put that in hands of ppl without gift translate … funny one think movie lol “airplane” old lady say she speak jive… lol and that a gift could apply to them at so called bottom make senseZ? So can tests those things maybe out there already not used or not used properly like my american airline ear test take???????????? make sense? Well I did not tell that dude who had to test me 2 times why I passed now did I… did that man figure it out? did he see his failure

it was not not me special? it was the man’s failure… so how fix? demand if asked a question write it down..or record that dam person can them have tech scan know if question asked? BINGO

SEE WHAT DIRECTION GIVEN BACK THEM in all area’s for goodsakes.. some explain better than others… some top minds can’t deal lower level requires translater them.. see what that individual do with what heard… u might know then.. some fear saying they don’t unnderstand Matthew like it is a bad thing when it is not a bad thing they just learn different need to hear from a different explainer. So a visious circle it is and lots ppl no reason get rid of just need another explainer. a programmer can know right away if them understood direction given… part reason bob made them write it send…email them change shit constant…no focus before direction them managers then. So a fear has been created in the work place with talented ppl. When Josh a lead… him put together a team for him that understood him got good team then.. not all understand Josh. Just know in my heart that why hurt him soooooo bad to have to let go some… them no understood him… were they bad…well who knows…them not moved to another team find out now were they? wasn’t an option in company rules. not an option in state either…why…cause that dam 90 day shit can’t get rid of…so make start over 90 if transfer other … give more chances…stretch that.

So yes some companies do…like kelly girl…try place in position..see work with.. them decide or not want to higher u…back to kelly u go for new placement… u no understand desire the boss want…no understand that ones language. can them techie pppl like J josh know right away? You bet they can know if a dude understand their language. Make kelly girl type for top type called world… cut back how much gov give in support help like do tenant… worked so long kelly… no kick kelly make reapply shit this stuff stinks to high heaven would J and Josh train someone that understands them you bet…cross train them would do if can understand them explaining. So Matthew is that why that neighbor say me he couldn’t believe my children raised by same parents? God made them so diff to understand yet could understand each other. I have no clue but I know how diff them are… now because type man bob is he rates J higher than Josh… not so… depends how u look at it. Was James less than John brothers?? not so…John beetter at what Father needed done then… but sent by 2 am sure when heaven will see James within that book. Just kinda makes me wonder just who Matthew’s sidekick really is in this world.. not sure how that works but sent by 2 and maybe provided last in life too I have not ask…thems are power questions. God can pull out of that shit masons ones that are his too when call to see light…He just can do “all things possible” with God. Yes I use that a lot in court.

Fix? no see yet…should maybe put mystery

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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