Tornado Warnings

Father Not Happy
Father Not Happy lightning galore and booms no worry I yelled at Matthew

BRB… well you see it is a battle learning new things but I tend to download a tool plugin I want and it disappears from wordpress I can’t get it any longer.  Well yes if your are savie techie you get around things..copy the files you have and put other places.  Well J went through trying some of that too, but they have to like u…or them just waist your clicks…like taking trash out.  So well to prove it..I deleted this post…but went to trash to restore it.  Also went and copied my files to this blog and boy do I know how to activate and deactivate as I need to do this.

Well I got up last evening as mostly do…and did go back to bed.  Now the things I do cause reactions…sometimes game plan has to change as to the things my sons have to deal with.  Well mom got into some things last night with searching etc.. and went different places.. things mentioned before end up elsewhere.. well when I go somewhere and them put a check mark for me to get I get it sometimes…other times it pisses me off. 

I did put new security type stuff on my computer.. well you have to be techie to even figure out how to use this stuff not simple for just install and work kinda thing.  I have mentioned before things are designed for common people to fail…and even hiring a web designer don’t always change things most times not.. if they don’t want you you won’t be found.  Not a level playing field at all.  They will also close my tabs I hate that..things in the middle of listening to.  It is like now with godaddy and my blogs I have been forbidden to log into them from my browser… they force me to log into godaddy to get at them.  So that is what dealing with now with my .com sites.  You can add log into blog online.. but the admin name never changes.   With typing that hear “masterpiece theater”  no not going to mess with it.

Well Father got pissed at all going on now I prefer using accu weather for my stuff.. and word the stuff going on meteor showers, snow stuff, tornado, and heat not normal.  Well they don’t give God credit for anything…and yes it started on Daddy and my birthday it seems.

After going back to bed and left pup loose again… when going to get up felt heard J like plan change.  Of course had told them sons to cross train..switch..switched their pics even on my fireplace.. Well Josh now L side… and Angel put her rock there this morning…so a thumbs up son…she also put her bone tucked back to R hand side seat my chair.  Agnel has barked and barked.. so do go look see and neighbors out doing thing so tell her what I see good job.. well then again but a walker with baby  and again another neighbor.. so go look for her tell her what I see and good job.

Well have to add some… a white truck pulled up across street she bark at… then bark again go look a U-Haul truck pulls up blocking that man across street taking his leaves so tell her again what I see as soon as did that U-Haul took off you should have seen the weird look on that neighbor raking leaves face..hahaha   well I got up myself go out kitchen and another white truck I say you no bark that one.. well it is a friend of one of the son’s that lives there she is ok with him… so knows the truck…no bark that boy.

Well I have asked Matthew over and over how many times what the heck did He pray for this dog?  I have yet to do so.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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