Tracks of My Tears

We all have had trails of tears in history..
Yes hear play and u… but also see Jacobs family name David Jacob change Jacobs his wife Robinson and Jewish.. well also that family buried different cemetery name than David them were.. cowinky dink? Or were the family hidden believers Yeshua.. staying Jewish? I have no clue but others different area Jewish cemetery them in Free Son’s of Israel… now why I ask…them others put different Jewish one… and big thing… them have wrong date David’s death… no want him found as them knew? a good question. Maybe just maybe David knew stay Jewish as a Levite as Yeshua said to and their prayers for my sons what are OT Matthew re 4 generations work both ways? David know John 17… Grandpa went Christian no stay Jew as Yeshua tell them do. Others helped build Temple Chicago, never said of David and Pauline I talk them ancestry…and she say them place with place they came from… weird stuff hidden stuff, want no find…I found them…Grandpa’s name there… Arthur and Betty make sure I had that stuff, no no one else that family but me.

I know in my heart Matthew that you in that song, wept a lot for Father’s ppl… I just know that I know. broke u heart too…then give strength to blast them Father would do you, and u have seen my tears too. Well if’n u think about it…say road straight, did never say not hills and mountains to climb them straight roads it be very narrow roads them mountains u know today call hiker paths… so maybe if when together we shall as ONE claim this WORLD FOR FATHER take back over them wise men if not then do mom say tarry on and dad say no retirement bible i don’t know if u just say me or song but never hear it… “heart to save” well 2 vs bible see song too no song…so Father did u find a retriever duck yet or create one? i don’t know will look but sounds more like the chairsaww gang to me… Bc6HBENsXNE this name hear had to look up words as that music can not understand words all time …. but will look up what me think chainsaww gang have to listen to backwards first as heard Battle Axe this backward… or first last? sometimes led to check am.

That is you Matthew…u heart too… u dream see so much over years wow the thought…wow well in that area at least I was spared cause I never dreamed, I can only imagine what a real man prophet of Father’s would dream more than any other on this earth.

Like do u like throwing your weight around booting me? Go to school would u…see what I see them go outside door ok.+

well u duck let me talk u about, him into clipping what i said u and me see in you. Well maybe i closed the other duck yak… lol do ducks fly and swim? well we put paddles on our feet like them dudes to go fast swimming we do. excuse me have to make lyrics for this song only have 34 views? no hear of them.

word yak notepad now well will paste see if you have knife out.

Will need intervention with this one

Start the world dilithium (define)
If I stay long I’d just be lost
when it comes to ficonity? tried many way spell look up
I’m second to none ta T
I ate shrapmill griddle breakfast and I call it bank ates baby
doesn’t soak to the cchainsaw gang, soakin the coin that held my train
it’s a hot bed around me if I compromise with sanity

Start the world dilithium (define)
If I stay long I’d just be lost

Dr I’m not to optimistic about your diagnosis of my condition
that’s alright just make another disappointment for next week right her in my kitchen

I’ll fasten the soap? through the chainsaw gang stokin the coin? that held my train
it’s a hot bed (? diff) and it’s my compromise with sanity

Don’t get mad at my boofy? fannons? I’m not unbalanced
healthy as gold? I’m not 24 karats I’m a victim of circumstances stop the world
there’s a result to the chainsaw gang, dilithium

Well need the rest of this am sure Matthew is a cry of many if can read words, as no can understand them words many hear if
answer cry…many have same dam cry them Dr shits

Well where ever you provide audio songs etc…demand words inspection first. people should be able to cry out for sure,
and investigate it… sound off hahahaha most can read or forget it… children get fed enough shit.
and children need to have a place to report and not be known them do for goodness sakes… gosh like forest gump love girl.. pray with her forest
jenny got taken away from… Josh friend at corner… that child dad…think problem and no get him…not sure but maybe Josh did know I have no clue
with children want to say she babysat for??? no remember… u know as well as me a child is Gods. “put up your dukes” lol you own the sky

Elect heck that one reason bob and I went to a futon bed way back reports
cattle problems power big ones way back… cause metal springs in mattress add to it.
I see new industries do u? The way I see things so totally diff then show tv cop crap… them no turn over little fish go after big.. well
remove them little ones then them big ones have to come out to eat. So how remove the question right… put ankle bracelet them
leave them out.. no put stupid jail house…tell watch them all times…under surveillance… left out… dumb ass backwards on every
dam thing they are…and tax tax and have no room for shit should not be in… catch young…do young. make parents wear as them can’t keep eye children too..
watch dam parents with them…who them learn from? it just is all backwards to me with the type tech they have just totally.
same in feeding shit for generations teach…drain who…the good citizens.
there just should be something simple provide…even button every home apt etc low enough for child to push. well sure there might be ones rebel against correction.
something something something from wise men need to happen. it was child that call 911 when Bev’s daughter was stabbing her knife,
her grandchild call 911
that daughter drugged her dog… so would not attack her. have cop sent dog…require search home i have no clue but something
and make pot legal…stay home no go out..them can test levels that just like booz… caught band ankle under surveillance… cheaper that shit do
I just can’t stand it.. them put Jimmie cop at school…have sent dog…search school drugs walk thru classrooms dog while teaching them
smell person…tag them get them out…surveillance… that bring big fish if no little ones to push for them to be cop must have dog
scent trained dog David knows how. why can’t dog be requirement for cop don’t have to have but a nose. dog nose do better than man gun
Ask David how long train certain drug problems.. how many drugs can dog train for? he knows that shit. let dog ride front seat cop them have seat belts dogs, could maybe design better quick release standard cop cars put people back
has to be social dog with nose…them learn when collar on…them on duty…or a back guard thing u know… put VO5 dog could stand for Victory Outcome
ok well sound off board u are to me…kept my mouth shut 50 years u are stuck with it. and am sure David know how to train them social pet nose dogs to no take food from anyone but certain ppl only
no can bribe them. He is tops even though didn’t always agree.
in a world with such great tech…they have made an absolute mess…put cops in danger just a mess…and wow cops like u and i really a heart to save ppl
David’s kind of knowledge am sure some others, him trained like son’s programming and not all dog trainers have that…old farts lots knowledge.
so what the heck u block me from now…
well it does my heart good to blast at something… tell me what the heck a dr would think? or if someone ever felt they could do that.
I have no clue Matthew maybe u i would ask…but who in scriptures OT did complaints go to?.. to me if make parents have to do same child.. might get pic
or after so many warnings…God does give warnings but him check if you are naughty or nice

and teachers of children wooeee… we have some ain’t able to teach no have ability or gift to… how find out if that u path… force work probably gov have this
where they provide daycare…heck some companies do even… make them teach these preschoolers… grade them if no have ability to teach child no can b teacher period
the gov offer training for ppl…get them off gov food stamps back to still if need support as our tenant had varied what got now off system.
am sure tests are there for gifts they have…point to path..God gifted with…we are in world of rebellion to what God gifts…
the gov would be better powering off the dam stuff in homes everything and forcing parents to spend time children… sick world have…it would force a lot in even relationships either talk or get book yes?

might b ok if blast u here

and yes you play back to back, by one them called the King same song hahahaha and same fits as earlier post… no peace till Follow Yeshua learn walk first before get into man written history in book.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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