CHILDREN, Are there welllllllllllll, let me think how say this, why? Because there is a lot of jumping going on that see try!!! And when u think abouth that one, a baaby do, immitate, those that have walked and do understand certains, yet are seeing how to try apply like I mentioned past. My husband dropping things Him he try see, neer thought of, on and on they all trying to jump head class…even my dog…why cause I told her out loud… could give visual to those that hear…I think…I could have not sure..but could have with old knowledge cut off certain areas viewable my house. ssshhhhh don’t know yet a new seed to spread see if me find out with monkey see monkey do.

Well conversations way back first training mention monkey..before first training maybe. I did tell husband to watch me..well all could see both sides u c? And ifn just say if’n my big brother was trained to be a lock picker way back by family…u think gov don’t have maybe better ones? So eldest son is a no tv BR dude…sleep time made stop..a reminder son of u put foot down u house. Well we were at farm when them gov peeps take away old light bulbs. I have NO clue Bob hit shit fan..order cases of old.//store barn for us…not shareing all that man saw about them. Well that has been all peep can buy for how long…my thing could mini camera live them no melt. well in some movies even had mirrors on ceiling…pic i get maybe?…pluss tv, on on go.. ancient teach will tell me do..them did change thickness of my old used to get…buy giant long rolls used to do at price club. Alluminum foil. Well Alluminum or steel type ball used to be what children older ones…hack used inside their hubcaps used to have kind no have no more. screw up dam radar guns them pigs use try to get fast drive u.

I brought some of them old light bulbs with me…but them have been blowing them out…I want me seen..ask for it..but no want certin area’s cut down view. I got my big alluminum foil wrap my ceiling fan light bulbs with it. Do I still have light yes…just not bright. Scottie no want to change my ceiling fan bath thing…say just paint it ok.. so got up pulled off cover no use it anyway never did. cover that hole with aluminum foil I did and put lid in dishwasher clean.. used to put them used to have straw type paper plate holder in dishwasher..put dusty wire type thing do too there just me…now tv advance even more..unplug might not even work no more..but my older one keep light they are used to come maybe still do certain brands.. I moving around it unplugged here don’t watch it.. spin it around face wall like child u know stand corner. I will c your face when I am ready u got it. cut off angle.. left living area top see. close 2 BR and 2 baths. This type live in for wow long time…daddy tell me. Well them think them God and what you do you certainly can’t b forgiven 4.

You see why I push son get something simple..for elderly knowledge we need…tell Matthew like say Re stand out me.. raise the dead Matthew…u see why I see new industry battle for Gods peeps make beautiful cover lights block….u see dog barking hall let me go check she move now…ok yes new activity neighborhood..house severl down had flood light on drive and other lights ok she wants me tell beginning as she did new thing wants me tell u.. I mention heard her move barking from hall no shut up got up say coming… catch her leaving DR and run Front door..changed direction…never catch her do that one… so said to her ok I caught u so what door u want out? She say front…she rumbling me typing about hahaha funny and moans… anyway I say well I heard the mailman u bark earlier 5 pm … tell her I know who that one is…that is the mailman as I heard metal lid close my mailbox at front door have here… no blocking of any side of street here for set trash out what side. Now I am the only one me see do that move. If know am not going…can sit center drive…well everyone can do that one vs where forced put…even if man leaves go work can back out drive… then bring trash sit drive u know? easy com fix…new language streets…man language. Anyway when mention to dog as she face me that direction to look see…hear also peeps talking say but no see them tell her what I see notice I do..say her well let me get mail..just standing doorway looking.. dog started barking hear my mail lid… she look..me say yes I hear dog..accross street…so she come back to my brick step up door sniff entering the house it would be L side corner…sometimes she will do other side…rumbling she is me.. haha telling her story…well I am waiting for dog sites have to go up too. All creatures are God’s even them tree rats…them have been funny watch them talk head i do…top fence i say head spewe you out my mouth..better hot cold than spew… that tree rat when say head dip down my side crall wall my side a bit anf go back to top fence… she can ask me as just did sit center L side back door..face kitchen no say me..but go see if want out back she did.

talk to the animals childrens song hear…did Bob know lacy talked to me?? yes he did…when she thinks she is going with me because go certain places and me no go there…she used to yawn noise me… well i would let her do over over bob say what is wrong with her…I sy she wants to know why we no go lake what are u driving to…so let me tell her. Question…who controls creation and animals satan? do them have dogs…must ponder future generation.

Well David kept my long extender leash..heave duty was for heavy male dog…me walk dog that…sometimes them go before u…sometimes them go behind u…sometimes want to smell side street u not on..want go there.. dog has to be leashed yes..no way do I want my house dog heeling me…not my pet I talk to watch..talk..I can scoop poop bag from any yard want to dump in…I can pause..if my dog want to stand here a bit waiting for something for me see. I no have to walk so far..so long and depending on neighborhoods..can walk center street make them dam drivers show up get me off. So question….can old dogs learn new tricks? Well I certainly can..why not dog? These dog stories wanting to be told..well are we really not told to preach to creation? o lots of play learning do..and no u just might find out your neighbor dog talk u too…why? cause my dog want make sure I hear him so say yes I hear Dandy…now if that enough she fine…if not enough she want out see talk Dandy…if Dandy no come fence see her what say Dandy? lots to figure out these areas with master observers…allowing having a new creation dog…dogs several house.. belong more to certain ppl…example…eathels dog…she out doing..in pain her leg foot but no stop..dog in house..chris came in…I said look at how that dog is laying with her hind foot…he got pic wow ran to help his wife…but they need instruction in how what I would do tech I want to hear see what u do I will show u am ready to hear all see or try..and pray Father use my dogs to tell me thing living in my house.

I wanted to go back to bed..she no want me to with snap have…I say if need say..won’t forget..ok…no stop on my side bed reaching as far as could me move center put back to her…normally she go around other side talk me she no do.. was Matthew blocked? she stretch so far me try try lift leg to climb my bed,,, I remind her,,,u are royalty u need a gentle man type step in up…haha so give in her say ok i will tell online now.. Was power again demonstrated my sons and family and reinforcements? I think yes… that dog usually want see me go other side talk if me no listen. now a bedtime rouutine it is her too yell go to bed.

So am proud A team…pic was links will be how say…second witnesses.. for seeds planted even for new spouses..if put houses in order…help find you one…seed plant cause u fixed and desire have old age child…them see too Matthew test with other known prophets Father has hidden evil top ppl…already have their one. Lots coming please stay tuned..am back to bed..

See image going to grab post..here as re-read my stuff I do..sometimes help make clearer…but see roots and played co-ed softball with OK move AZ from Langstons…Lou his wife on girls team too…Dave a professor bug extermination dude have to keep lisc..go..his wife..desert u know had trying launch..tiny little balls white them were..mix plant with root plants…retain water them did..swell till soil them did..and water thru droughts. interesting…
dave our co[ed coach and the men..team coach.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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