Yes I have some answers

(J, u drive to fast for u mom)  Woke with…to me hearing both…questions from Matthew well also Him imforming me maybe?  Not sure this…could have been a decoy…Then questions…so questions I answered what I thought for each one.  Decoy..I have the book done.

Angelbrez wants out front as if Matthew sit there…  Hear not Matthew voice..Satans..say

I try to kill you  Know Why?

The only word spoken by Satan.  My head though starts replying first to Satan listing some things I think.  Keep in mind I have no confirmation of my thoughts re thoughts of both.

First thoughts toward voice I heard..Satan…though have not been shown and may not b able to ever answer…without Matthew and I being together in the flesh…and that one I have not been told…no can answer it.

Now let me take a moment to mention my bedtime prayer and who for,,power open up to.. David Harris…Matthew see the LOVE that man has for me…and power..cause my prayer?  How fast see?  I say out loud to Matthew…  If David was my other half.. that would have happened years ago…I change not basically said Him.  Went to sleep.  I did after pray for David..hit spot have not pic of with my little fingernail..of my R torn by pup..said out loud Shit did I just break open that to bleed again.  Then replied to Matthew out loud.  Matthew though is aware of all things re David…all David has..kept of my tools Angelbrez… also knew my thought anyway now…as she is laying on that half in kitchen half out…I try replace that get another same 3 would have… but David kept one..I then gave dog the only other I had..that in my vehicle still…and can’t get the same size…had to get smaller one…for the third… Well I never did get that towel out for her she just loose…and baby mattress His side bed not mine.

You also have to understand this hard for most all…we are both human seeking scouring the world looking for Yeshua… so Question where Matthew is concerned… He is the one who received my daddy’s soul…  but human thoughts where all my family is concerned.  Never in wildest dreams..did that man..think them would side with me and see such great power displayed…or the thought I would stand against my daddy and lead my sibling to do the same.  WHAT WOMAN WOULD DO SUCH A THING?????  AND SEE MY FAMILY START LINING UP.  And then to pray for power to David Harris????????????   woeeeeeeeeeeee  what will that woman unlesh now.  Come on people…would that make sense to any human?  Especially knowing who and what soul He had.  Even though you might hear something that would say that.. hard to accept as human having communication with me.

Back to my answers to Satan voice I heard no sound nice…rather hear Matthew yell me…or David or sons…on top of that I forced Angelbrez to piss in the house…that is where I got out that bran new towel same color never used… to mop up pisss and have left it there.  No clean up right away.  She lay on it…me just let do and watch..well David calls it observation…now my daddy would call that me..all time…say me… take copious notes.  me never did no reply him on that it was like mom asking me to journal…so never did respond daddy…just listen hear used me lots…difference is…never did he ask me if I did question  never a question to me never.

To Satan… well… cause you were not permitted after Noah to produce seed again.  and you see what you thought was your power house tumbling..and we have not begun yet.  So that my response him…yet no confirmation.

To Matthew I basically said… “I change NOT”  So what is the thought of that and how now my family may change and get me the hell out of KY?  Or another showdown? at the OK coroul?  so what that mean u matthew?  good phrase u might like… “out of sight out of mind”  MY PEOPLE.

Oh and did get a brother sister sung song for this forgot put’.. love their name too as Yeshua was said to be one… The Carpenters  Back To The Future


By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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