You or is it Yew

pasco-co-sink-hole 4 pic 2021

You or is it Yew? We or US then? One or 2 mints in One?

Raise the dead Matthew a cry Ps 23:1-6…u got a raft for us…days of Noah? Was that why u dog sleep rest night bath mat cushioned of course… and sleepin hall bath children’s where me go… now since me up… ask i will email David he talk animals. David love me Matthew he does… i never saw the man cry just knew inside him did… lost wooooeee all 3 him darlin daughters… my daddy got to keep one. i tell him i pray him did try try lift that man up…he has high spot even though never talk shop… no this shop temple shop. now because that man i know… him wow would if grasp say… u tell me how fast feed mind…2 books… over over night while sleeping…learn do… and u tell me could that love my sister? David a good man evil like all us.. bob tell boys not worry about their dad.he saved me asked Father..he believe in what i believed..pointed Ray even say Cindy right… but still no do and shut me up no can do no more just can’t and be what Father call me to be help son’s till He call me home… can’t do in that house living that man…can’t… my son’s old enough understand that one josh maybe more as get alone dead girl carla…he get alone everyone that boy.

and i do understand a bit why daddy say me… his big mistake if could do over.. never own anything…them have things like that I found therm… forget call them u find.. legal do..nothing is owned by u but do have all u life and it do continue on.. i remember showing that wow years ago…u name no longer on it…someone else’s.. but is that a good thing… have no clue… is that why gov buy up land? need to higher prospector for them ones to vote on round table. why cause gov say u am done u no u can’t have u land g by other country think own us… could them know already there u bet… me read Indians did it…lease u land kick u off. Phil and carol Headdison had parents had cabin up like that mt. got booted. bob me go there them… he might remember that story better.. single br cabin…small wood burning stove heat all…kick u loose cabin me get now g bye.. so.. anyway.. more them secret thing will come out just need leaders pack….ok scripture use then…u know the one Gidian few good men send rest home no God need. David good man bet can train chawawa to find drug school…demand cop be have any sociual pet…bet David know how test them..teach no bribe that dog… and know if on duty or not…take thru senior homes… snif there two.. play God tv like or not play cards while on… bind satan…want to play.. we have no record of such do Matthew … lead that charge for man..if grasp what i say…we no want God show up leave…we want stay there with us all time His house…not glimpses Him as gives anything get u attention..He do cause He no give up kinda God…and when ppl ready to b 1 that out of mouth 1 2 3 boot .. i see that big one my sons…then his ppl b 1 we have tech do that way back want to know what house rating…them make movie on..plants game… keep up with the jones’s ? foreign co ppl do… tv bob love “the Americans” think them Russian… neighborhoods.. b normal peeps… get call go do job. a good series show it do. them had children too… not married them were. older children got harder to hide…button children..or boot out don’t know as many states want leave gov…let them haver them shit…and them support them shits them want.

so see u target practice ok..streight shooters need grasp c what Father do…might loose lots of so called friends… think most were afraid of Moses though…wonder and think no say me no see anyway.. who what tribe…prop up Moses arms so can hold that staff up…that man Matthew…word well a heart like u.. took God court…say wipe me out u book then…that kinda u say me song fire away. and u need a woman know that heart…so if blast off home mom cane explain children… so anyway.. u sir have eyes see Father no show me looser…just ..Moses kept from going in right… c understand it why.. greater He do him…old age Abraham..

need need them seniors families dna..Y and mt plus 5 gen…same with catholics do dna..all close them doors. Just as all software hidden for my sons claim make new..forwar instead backward them can use make top notch them are…suddenly men christians so called see … do new tech… c what God’s ppl choose…balance scale…son’s can no longer take in woman shit family no their house no more… if no have money visit…cut time hrs that put up hotel…no their home no more. there work for God over that shit..send her see her family, no bring no more u go see help ok u want go see Tiara…bye go c am done my job done…can God if that woman decide stay order house.. u bet..He can do anything.. each day them men cast out in family satan.. did i fall overboard that one? If a person of God’s is not capable of doing that out loud b heard boot.

So…divide conqueror..stand words scriptures say to…make read understand why.. because my house serves the Lord this we do to protect my house…if no can do get out my house. If Matthew, want 3 books instead of 2… Rev full book blue..when God tell u write it, it is out of mouth of God to me.. not just pieces to so called church. 3 witnesses… that men decider.. me no have vision cept written Yeshua till finally ask Father… only 2 dudes in forum could even participate with me. only one stand out David Taylor.. Now Sojourner point me..never respond me questions… heads of that kinda hidden.. some come out here ther battle show them thoughts me. something goat.. something knife… anyway not often them come out play… some biblical names chose though. shut down forum and started new number system get in… one a jew.. Feris there me see crushed that man was…as did dna… gens of them…no show like bob did..crushed till am sure saw what me explain…so that one jew stayed in chat of christians…. so came of messiah believers…but them stayed jew…as messiah told them do.. ok see my point thanks.

So Matthew, Father say provided David lots seed. how many u got? How many wives took? Where just maybe check dna… all them women chose top same man seed from implant I would do…a man jump at truth? or just seed father want kept? curious and that dog of yours got up counter got balls or laundry machine top where stuff all her things bag bouncing ball house fix that child u take with u ok haha no she brought out last one me no find solid orange one.. hahaha are planting the animals now? well u charge me up is that A song? if not should be…

have not listen yet will here.

NOT KNOW WILL CHECK no see before “ways speak” Jeremiah 18:11 (KJV) Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a device against you: return ye now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good.

I am no man Matthew no can do no can. “displayed”

Psalm 60:4 (KJV) Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah.

will look see if hear there..scripture first as I said out load raise the dead Matthew. may take earth quakes…ppl afraid them… hear “sinking sand” reply yes that other fear i don’t know will check..

but see pic sink holes when hear… and God sunk tribe OT yes?..coming out Egypt.

searched specific 2021 world sink holes pic 4 pasco county well that huge county… can also show ppl can’t explain fires…CA burn whole neighborhoods jump over certain houses…yes me see those news items. how many houses would now with pour head… wonder see shadrack meshack abendigo therr… same forever no see me not OT Matthew… unseen displays?

So back to question…u see my path will not be moved…will and will continue with or without u for son’s given job do… I know no other prophet shown me but u… so my path, for son’s job jump back track.. know do game hop skip jump JJ jipper jopper JJ jump… him did knee to knee con and me…fly he loved it laugh would that baby…coming 50 daddy say strongest ever. Josh had to be side tracked for job… his strength grow now 50 yet to come

Anyway called talked to both son’s yesterday…say both.what up mom…mouth this time them me do both… Your call…my path flint…22..son’s will understand this chat both will…understand why josh had to jump path…better game player…them had a movie maybe josh know name no have bob to ask… kid go play game machine… no kid reach it…but this one boy… Josh teach games play son’s him would show get next level… try try try them would do. Mom has eyes see knows them boys inside..even on diff paths come Father…dads no can see that…if no home raise…have to use diff path hear them day… ask child day…them no hear if mom was pissed smackin belt counter…no interest in hearing what child did all day with mom stay home mom…no find out mom let destroy house… build them own houses with sofa cushions and blankets what ever find build….quick clean up b 4 dad home do…dad no ask..never knew mom one of only places while young them friends allowed to play house…other parents kick out, I loved to a point till belt time, get out my hair, well that man ask me what did all day never say ask the child..he saw a lot even that,.. well these things not know Matthew not even totally my daddy…fine truth move forward the man did and watch the man did and demanded he pray tongues never in my life heard him do i did. I understand why on both sons…cause Ishmael too age josh baptized…whom Abraham pleaded with God to use…caused loved him he did…was his child. 2 seeds 2 diff wives.. never pleaded for others why?.. cause that blessing went all his seed… not covenant though…well heck u can have that me no want it…

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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