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Fill in the gap
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Well have 2 days missed putting here… as talking David things… try to inform children way back did… and even in a way can prove difference.. Matthew one taught me things…used by God for really to do.. makes sense if think about.. but anyway seeing difference I kept warning my son’s so don’t know…but a big diff mentioned..already.. another difference is via wordpress knowledge and use.. David and I worked this together… Matthew never did anything but put up. David is international too so Matthew has nothing over the man probably has more international that Matthew even. Anyway will post as David knows thesse people not not not matthew. I will not correct thing could care less if you read or not… but praise the Lord my vehicle fixed bby J it works now.. Thank you. Conversations:

So Matthew, like do u have some deep dark secret that dna flushes out? No can hide? No can b forgiven for? Well can’t figure u out then.. I know lots of ppl that have gotten involved with brothers no have proof positive Dorothy one of them..daughter Angel.

Show me who it is that has already been called before now? I am no Prophet or man…Yet I know who the job given 2….not me.

Show me in 2 books, u know ones of me? Matthew Father already pointed out..lies OT scribes…Did I not also question something put red that book? Question which 2 books should man demand and find truth of? Lets take a vote. Question Is there any blood Father not capable of cleansing? Just who’s faith limits God to you? Well if I can be shown that please produce such an individual to take to Father and my family ok? Thems would b about only ones I would trust stand with me in truth once understanding it and use 2 books words to do ask ok…I even permit them men touch me pray OK? My house men…son’s and my family them ok pray my way..touch me and pray and ask them do for me. I don’t believe within my house..I would fear a gathering of such stand on words I request stand that would not do me. Can U stand with such? Permit them weigh u? Is your timing correct or mine? Do u think Father no have fun play evil? Well thems are POWER QUESTIONS HUH? Lets take another vote… Who’s side would heart of man be draw to…ONCE CALLED? Another question.. well I must have missed something in my training…please point me right direction OK if u can? Must get attitude I think I can ok? Ready? Do you like to read? U know them RTFM’s,,, another question.. Has the world not burdened my judges..because of them RTFM’s? Yet do have a desire for truth be done..given to them…but someone really make that manual be to hard to follow?…kinda like me pointing out that red said.
Is there such thing world must check I should as know we do have one called The National Inquirer…is there a world one for that? Only questions permitted is ones within them 2 books…u can’t find answer to u question.?????????
next question…yes I looked up statistics and shit on governing judges…WORD SHIT DAME SHIT. THIS TOO QUESTION Matthew think peek by Luke maybe… How many Judges were rule Israel? If no could answer what were them to do and take to? For decide? I just taken to so little OT. There was no supreme judge I am tellin u. I think we need a 2 book world inquirer though we need to see where we fail as human our teaching to them that no understand what said…Ask Father help explain this person many have same question don’t want to ask. Kinda but should not be woman…well depend age…but also backed by man…never woman alone…2 peeps inside house require confirm answer. So no call dear Abby…but have to ask that one u know what I mean.

An ASK FATHER GOD question for children…give scripture we pray with u this what do as them no understand either parent…Show way them.. Heavy heart I have just 2 books no can put other with that…go play outside…u child just may have inside outside calling…come back inside when no can take no more ok? We will put u in Goshen for a while whatever it takes u?
We have a lot of new stuff create new color..understand color inside and out.
Mission Impossible

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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