Line Up

Well lots happening, have to shut down in this state… call it well what Bob wanted to call my dog Lacy… History…  I am purchasing the full litter of this female.. Since Bev is a friend am sure she will let me add Jacobs to end of her name…put home dog house name will see.  Of course you need google translate to translate foreign names.

Anyway went to try to purchase a tent trailer, no go had to do in person if could do.  Talked to Bev as I am going anyway just will use my little always pack prepared tent and leavin this house to son’s well and bob too if anything happens weather here once I leave this state.  Josh is not prepared in that house..not sure of son Jeremy, but know Bob isn’t either really not if Ice Storm hits here.  I have purchased some things need done while you are here.  We went 5 days at farm before.. would suggest white and means to we kept freezer food by bagging putting out in need freezer…will leave one type pump but should get a foot pump no see no more and them dam ppl will not let me purchase from amazon…have air mattresses etc..and could not dam shit..get a plug in stove top burner..  now funny thing about that, don’t even know if you can get any longer..but Becky’s mom in upstairs weird house.. had a plug in complete stove… just house current. They have foot pumps too but mom can’t buy.  Plus didn’t know if son’s might want to set up a place to leave their house and come here to work…this F’n subdivision runs this F’n town…weird shit constantly.

I want David to do some special training hope he has gotten my desires for him to train in this female.  I will not be taking her…she needs some minor corrections…don’t want her charm removed…he may want to use place to observe her here…they used to babysit dogs.  I purchased need changed as Bob said Scottie no has key no more to house…2 diff keys use here pain ass no lock doors…so have new keyed same need installed this dang house.  Parts left over might be enough to fix other inside door crap on backwards no shut doors.  David loved and we did also, as his original home built, put a gate on deck to keep pups in..if want to do .. then do.

Shit this is…needs basics done and fine then..  I purchased a new overhead garage door opener needs installed to get that programmable shit off this door too.  Josh needs to change his door locks to many people had keys and mine are missing that I had.  Security starts coming into play…even living shit state.  Be like dad where when took my car to let them have any key cept spare nothing on it…should do same car wash anywhere you have others inside your vehicles.  Doesn’t really prevent except…lower level types…as top can lock you in your vehicle…they stopped me from using it before…last time..however I forgot at that time a last resort on mine…don’t know new ones have this any more but check… the key works by hand put in door…that move didn’t try…last time.  It is only the old vehicles that u can’t mess with that way…but those they had tools to pup up lock buttons…could unscrew those and remove them.. other than that bash in windows.  Bash in dogs kill.  I trained Angelbrez von Prufen stay alone inside early i did…she does well for pup very well…just have to lift up the blinds for her to fully see… I ordered aluminum blinds for all these windows…look same just darken..haha  On order at Lowes paid for but need to call about.

I paced and paced talking to Father not knowing where to even start this morning… I just am not fit to live with anyone.  Bev can’t go the way I am going but did check to make sure she has all she needs for ice storm if hits… she does has enough wood to get through winter said.  I will not purchase shit with any funds from KY this shit here.  I need strength of my family as well.  Gave Cheri direction…told her see her when I get there…so my heart really thinking of her.. and first song really thought of was the CD she sent me way back I no longer have… so just go type but see this first stood out to me so clicked it so first song was this.

Well let me back up first funny to me.. low feul light on in Georgetown where I went..well i know my car and how far can still go…first thing always did even young…run the dam thing out of gas once on E..carry gas to get me to station…weird shit i did…I don’t never trusted car makers.  anyway passed by several gas stations…knowing needed gas…went to drive through the old strip mall area used to shop at  wow dead it is there… and backtracked think go hom am sure but turn again back toward freeway and go Marathon…use card  forget but gal want to say 25. something…i just stop when clicks off..  bob keeps filling…i let numbers fall where they fall… well think price was 73. something look for my receipt must be in car but we are not to this point even yet in game…no have even begun stealth.  well go to leave like cars hurry try make me stay floor it zip across to Wendy’s and purchase 2 Jr burgers 2.73 I have been paying cash no card…get cash run… them would try steal my receits..cut in front me ask for receipt get mine too..dam shit here, well they do it to the F’n woman not the men get it?? it is a dam man that cuts in after they ring me up say I forgot my receipt and get mine too when pay cash, total think, Con (you good use cash force evil to use card get it?? men need play both sides though do as led) always ate there with me in that was when ate Wendy’s, nothing else always stopped there when had to go that route dog train with Charlie Starr..them foreigners own that huge ppl…dogs just a side game…can’t remember maybe chineese…david would maybe know.  They came to watch Parker..just sayin..  why??  interested in dog?  or David’s training?  I am not sure ppl did what I did…them like clicks in school…and David got booted…did AKC  maybe always did both and that reason no like…maybbe no like the dogs he purchased and not thems dogs…no like his tied over seas.  It was David Harris that did Rod Parsley’s dog … and others… but Parsley trained under Lester Sumeral  who daddy and mom were baptised in Jordan river together with.  Plus David on my daddy cd use that for them Ron and David .. got booted off youtube song…cause use clip put music to video i did.  I sent it to him email to David I did…  Well re Starr training I did…you were forbidden to video their trials…hahahaha  David did…when I competed there…he doesn’t always pay attention to rules of people.  I miss talking with him well I talk but he no talk.  and he asked Josh to  ask me to work for him again…told no with this swiss church books doing hard for me was and didn’t do near that much…hard enough to read cursif…but german on top harder.  I told David I needed him and Ron and he was on my daddy CD song did with them in it…of course gone from my email.. shit dam shit.  My sis has a hard job…well all do but waiting to come in when u know is hard.  So family love your Sis she has tuff job trained higher than rest.  well except for me…as I am directed by Father can’t get no higher.  God Dam Fuckers here changed the dam song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what sent him they change the F’n CD dam fuckers I hate this world and dam pissed…I think Father should trade me in.  I will upload when on a server that protects shit…am sure foreign.  I will be using German software for next server I am on to make my websites not wordpress shit or any other shit…but will still use the bastards.

I told David I needed him and Ron…David got on cloud way back with his pictures and video.. and am sure as did it for Ron…just always liked Ron too..

Well todays line up thinking about sister and job assignment I gave her.. her song instead of being first..will be last in my listening…the CD she sent me.  I had sent her an audio bible NT Yeshua voice on.

Interesting thing about the name on this song…well Robin is a bird… and when I went to grandma and grandpa Writes house, don’t remember any other there odd… when in newer home… so own together that one.. grandma made me come see out her kitchen window.. and there a robin in her yard…she say first one see means spring here…well that was in Indiana. Only remember daddy gripping need to check with siblings but hated them blue jays. Well there is a bird black with think red on wings in KY that hates bob..golfing when attacked…I can’t locate the name.. and have to send him pics… but at Longview it would dive bomb him on hole number 3 all the time that one a par 3…at Lakeview it would shit on his vehicle… so interesting them birds can be.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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