Sh……He Is Still Sleeping

creative children
Kingdom like child, new birth becomes child learns to walk

The end hear put top


some good thing said by man yes…but no can do house of God Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Mom up stealth so Matthew-Yeshua can sleep…Up first as always was..same both houses my bloodlines…I call this time greg time now on. Well just another name peek hahaha for me in my house raised. Greg Biggs was my first date…a double date with my sister on Red Oak Dr. Bob and Kate Bigg’s family tied…daddy and moms best hang out card playen friends…hunting dude and dogs had…that I remember. I am not going to spend much time on this at moment…see where led.. I mention because when eyes opened and order from Daddy and Mom come you..All will start seening the amazing things God did within numbers game of man…No can see Him not u house…either…or should I say full strength yet..might be better term. Why certain children set paths no like how daddy did refuse b same…or take order…from u daddy. A reason if have eyes heart for God to see. You will understand clearer as you walk get in order..follow turn repent u will see. J bigger heart mom, than Josh, chose wisely first..for reason. So I know that I know, Father will not give His spirit of holiness to anyone who no want to abide and do follow Yeshua…and start by instruction to come future, set a path to keep..or boot u will be back to world where u belong…forgive then 2? with repentance and correction..yes on Father’s clock..there is only one sin that Yeshua will not forgive … “peek-a-boo me” Did my Daddy have that happen within their 2 families? I need Matthew to know for sure this, but my guess is YES my mother’s sister. Just a hunch from what I see. He does have desire to try to restore you could maybe be and put into a spouse..first u..2 good reasons is..must try…must know who to take prayer…must also know it might be part u heart needs to change… Well mom walked many years battle to stay my within silence submitting to really as said what world would consider a good man…to God just like rest of the world..shit..followed mans doctrines not His. Will publish this am sure update here there.. as them ain’t seen nothing yet have not even seen Father’s team in stealth mode.

Example my siblings Big Brother and Cheri. Path’s for a reason..time flip…set even Cheri is in a house…so how would woman fit this.. revelation from GOD….tell husband he has to do her.. Force hand make do say out loud. If can’t do..want divorce. This is one taken the other left…or God will make you a ONE. Must do order house u in. C Ya

word…met me get back into my gear motion ok 1flintlite new black smoke shop get my road rage trip u had to take it to the light to see what grabbed I did,,,but even before that totally out cig packs both smoke spots empty packs. Have to get 2 new to even open get one to lite. there were 3 wet sitting corner lower R hand side “in house direction” sink..don’t ask me why I do what I do I tell Matthew that all time I don’t know u watch me daddy say so do…Me no see remember them dam numbers game HAS to continue…but not Fathers house. anyway back wet butts well had 2 empties..grabbed them wet ones get off sink stuff inside one them…and put to my L side there is me recycle one sitting out open.. throw there..full is.. get empty one put there 2 recycle…. my smoke shop liter has shops logo on it I went into… and in Danville…tribe Dan them stupid shits think dead as no mention that tribe…left their name all over prove u wrong. Daniel Buchan cousin..graduated…my godmothers eldest son.. she tell me her and my uncle Ken related Buchan’s, my godmother hand made my wedding dress…no did my bride maids…one a sister…could not have both sisters..Con ready to deliver 1st born any time no could b my other stand up. anyway lite cig think 1:07 and put out 1:19 stove time as times diff depending where I am put out R side sink water wet that side with my R hand still holding butt…then in this house no room under sink my smaller trash can…so ended up cupboard L of stove facing opposite direction but L hand side now so jumping am doing here. put butt in that trash…some times me will switch sinks hands leaver wet butts..diff sides never know what this mom do smokin now at this time inside my house…don’t see me doing that FL warmer weather…not up to me though up to my ONE Matthew Yeshua. Him Levi too and King too…and only Prophet I recognize and know is Yeshua flesh, has my daddy spirit. Like who? Moses King of Israel u know Aramaic…how he spoke God above siblings? Face to Face… peek a boo me angels here me do things me no see them…made that man send my house when at bob;s…some see them mentiond one say like them Sid Roth show had brothers see them. He did…why cause to weird of shit happening..example my kitchen lighthouse towel…hanging off my counter being hung there maybe 2″ my guess..2 weird no happen..say can techies do that? Say him, Yeshua never say he saw them said others would remind him that one as he wanted way back study them…me say no..that is not salvation..refuse study them OT dudes. Not a requirement for salvation so put foot down flood that man email he would never reply me…once booted me. Well them stories a peek at I did u.. but I love Him..would tell His stories when permitted by him only when my son can protect us.. copy right own..not given for grab turn back to shit,,won’t permit that for Yeshua…He will this protected and teach man how to begin stay..that ever up that mans sleeves…and will be protected by Levites…and opened door for priests kings only world which is His. GET IT? ppl don’t get that both being one Yeshua.. the spirit of holiness not holy spirit that is backwards man shit…God will have a holy ppl…and wow not dam rules of men who make u think u can’t drink, can’t be in bars can’t yell and scream, cry for Gods souls cause someone made that one a your no man if weep, lies lies lies u accepted. woops grab just if want something ok. Spirit of holiness judges too go look see. This has to be man to do get women out back their place within..has to be man has to. C Ya

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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