A Blending of Sites

I basically have been moving site things under the menu. I am sure I will eventually go back to blogspot blogs and get things there a bit more in order. I am trying to learn new software here it is more difficult but I didn’t pay much attention to this stuff before. My hope is that it will be easier than all the different blogs I did. Then may combine some there not sure at this point. Many people move from blogspot blogs to a domain name. All your work then is gone when no longer paying for hosting accounts. So I am sure I will go back and put things in order as they do not delete blogs. This is the best thing about google blogspot, so will put tid bits and sites on this main page. Links to hosted sites:

Listed below are blogspot blogs, what is great about google blogspot is that they do not delete the blog, compared to ones that require some sort of payment. These are the blogspot sites in the order they were started:


A Red Letter Christian I had started in 2018. The first site , using the same header but calling it Alone In The Word, using it for various type posting.


The Way – Yeshua is the name I used because of finding the Aramaic to English scriptures and seeing the names within this text I had been led to.


I had already reached out to Matthew by this time and this site I was basically wanting Him to build the Assemblies. Judgment was most I heard from Him, a direction change I was after.


This site name son’s owned and created because of the Tea Party Stand, even went rally 8-28-2010 of Beck’s to make it known. Blocked it was people signing up put in their spam. They are familiar with battle out there. Son’s had purchased and had let go was available for a new stand to me so I purchased it again. Because my heart was for individuals to hear truth and be excited about the simplicity they would stand and come together for the nation.


This and the other woman site I have not gotten to much into as of yet. I felt I would possibly see a difference that would shed light as to once knowing truth even for women of God knowing Messiah. This actually affecting two other religions that follow they say, the God of Abraham. Muslims and Jews. Mohammad even with DNA of Jews. He is like Christians that follow Paul to me


Drawn to Gospel women I had done some research in ancient texts that are not part of our scriptures. Mainly because only a few people were even mentioned that Yeshua loved two were women and their brother so a family. Plus seeing the tie between Yeshua and Mary Magdalen being One in Spirit. God does not put in flesh without the other being here. We all have a one we were created in heaven (spirit) with…a one.


This started out being a family story site but I got upset that a family seemed more important than Yeshua, and the order of how they even placed things. They were out of order. So supported my sister’s husband & family’s business.


This site the next to post on as I was with other sites as well trying to get people to understand the Spirit. Also with this receiving the Spirit of Yeshua, you follow the spirit you have, if not in His words you follow the spirit of men.


This started telling some of how my son’s were raised. Again this tied all to the same email was also a site they were interested in rather than knowing truth of salvation and that they would be judged by Yeshua’s words. Salvation is key.


This site I started as I did not know at the time my son’s had a calling of the Lord. Also shown then within scriptures as well as more regarding our family bloodlines. I put a video but it has been edited as I viewed it again. It originally demonstrated that the power of the powder in a 22 caliber was stronger and higher flame and speed. 22 being number for light. Yeshua is the light.. and flame stronger and faster. (Baptize FIRE) Site to do work of God.


This site actually was mentioned by Matthew back at hurricane Sandy Oct 29 2012 he had prophesied about it but I felt he was directing it also to me as he brought up a cat fight. A video of one I put on the site because of that. Knowledge of 2 Cindy Jacobs, me unheard of? Unheard of family? I knew of her never read a thing from her ministry, threw out magazine article my mom gave me even, just because our names the same.


This I added 10-31-2021 as there will then be a non deleted record of my time listening, following, and then shown and recognized Yeshua in Matthew. A rare thing as I had never run into anyone like this. I even felt He was trying to run me off…like scare me or something. Well I believe He recognized me also even though He would not talk to me.