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ok another comeback well hear as cause say Matthew get the wild out me first I tell Him before me become wife Him and when me say that he gave me song “fire away” again well certainly put I know who has keys lol …so yes hear this but might be Father too why, fitting of him give me look up word? cause my son’s family(will explain on video description for you…so play first then ready bottom top first make sense?

I know mention somewhere not go look unless come to me… my Uncle Ralph mom’s brother… married Betty Carper… of that just fit them 2…cousins mine and Bob’s their dad…so both Bob and Tie this… now Peggy Saalfrank married 1st Rex Army service biker dude think him… have no clue why I was at their home married think want say lived upstairs Uncle Ralph shop had apartment? no remember for sure… but this was their biker song them love each other so their couple song u know…lots times have song mean together with married do.

Part 2 part 1 missing in action just mentioning it…but for some reason once again last will B (attitude-grade card ) Will now list hear last before post up top as word would not shut up. so three here no now not sure me be one look up u… but will say hear and get agreement with somewhere over the mountain (well come on can move mountains get it?)… anyway “stay tuned more to come” well certainly tuned fits vehicles too but who say tv too? easier to raise dead tv than vehicle I am tellin u. ok next hear..(heard 3 agree and lost 2 so blocked from why? well cause maybe just me him and only want one… so no worry if happen u. do one move on, forward march might want to note it like me) Question then…who knows right timing? good answer you are learning… so quick flash future maybe got… or block satan… move forward.

(this after sent email to my son’s, will post that email don’t know if any see we shall see but will…separate.. why cause there is family involved Father’s Assemblies. and He never hid truth) did hid families though… that why say that.)

I will be editing name Matthew on Cindy and Matthew… to much block that dude get to me even though see what believe was mans heart. But heart and no action or can’t get to… there a problem…blocked by Father he is from me… can’t call me can’t email me so no can find me. God does things for a reason…it is very hard the time it takes… when it was heart saw him…never hear confession out mouth… never see dream… so will see what name it might just be mom and sons … will see. Do I think maybe a president involved u bet maybe one mom sent’s son.. George Bush … married he is. Does that put mom different in divorce… sorry no hon’s, as no can be myself can’t do it and need to be for u. Can I be around u dad u bet.. will that man even ask u boys about how mom is? I seriously doubt it after 50 yrs. God’s call for time mom have left given u son’s… see what happen else…will move my family need them want them… u have mom here or who knows.

Mom never hear of a president prophet… never ever…cept moses, so don’t know one will ever exist again… but a diff between type moses was and what aaron was…have to kinda ponder that diff… me no stay OT no salvation there me… other than proof God same no change. Me not man ask see OT as has to has to come from man, just has to… given man not woman…and it man paid price for even in Yeshua.. not woman. If If you have to watch that word from Yeshua…require it do.. big is that tiny word bigger than u can imagine. Anyway if there be such a prophet and king of a nation…there will be old proof written like Morris Cerullo (mom listen to) but him did put his prophecies from the Lord, printed in newspaper even… so will be documented somewhere, as the little knowledge me do have Catholic I know from TV too them write down journal them things from Father so is written..there would be testimony him of men talked to about Yeshua we knew as Jesus all us get it?? . Can u seek find as mom directs u betcha… and give ways mom already do name sell us? world for writings while here… ghost writers have… lol need set up up both retirement world as soon Father permit work Him only then in and out world…if ask Father give heart u sons to carry on work…become trainer programmer u teach just like u dad did u… so be it mom stand to that one take court with you. In our personal family we have prophet mom believes…man Uncle Carey you really don’t know..cause sisters hung out with sisters more.

If u move FL.. if big brother see has to beee prophet instruct and him not one… maybe Carey will conduct following truth… if not we us small will gather at the river lol preach to gaters them need it. Them have breath too u know. Could there be…a prophet king within a Catholic church you bet there could, could even know bloodlines and have Dan in him too… so anyway will still type here you grab get if can’t protect or do both… what do if no have hard copy… loose path direction show present men find tribes… do u have to be that to find… well a man with heart and money can do general allen B things and could do sound alarm thru cell phones calling all answer link if know answer this question or have seen happen u child..raise hand please. Him would have that kinda know how and do can… not u or mom.

Could that type man put a head dude matthew in position…find for him could… so to much mom don’t know sons… as was not salvation not required… only one only one who would want both see and try get from would be man with knowledge know what mom see is his heart to raise dead…and see what the heck that really meant… only one see what mom show what already provided take back grab re-write make quicker work… would be one see that vision too. Could be a man Catholic top crushed no seed he have…u bet could be… so don’t close doors…especially ones God wants left open.. Could the one am one with…hear my mental prayers and direct matthew topic u bet knowing not time yet…couldn’t maybe see that far yet… so no close doors God heard me… did Yeshua hear the one he was one with? maybe even drove him crazy hear. u bet God can do anything so no close doors.. me never did..just broken heart could not find in all my searching online do. Would that man cover matthew seed doing that for him so stay hidden u bet could… no close doors. Does mom still love Matthew u can not u tell me ?

I could see Father doing that grab back that church called so called so no close door. Would I trust my family to know if deciver? u bet I would… Father would show. has to be within both seems to me would anyway less show me scripture say diff… no salvation to u mom. So God can tell man stay put just testify me…him do…but went ahead follow along…their christmas as mom did… him know him to raise dead not know how or show..well maybe just maybe cause had not heard the blasting from inside him… and truths that also applied to matthew…cept he do have seed. Yeshua didn’t send just one prophet I am tellin u Just like me stay put… shut mouth stay put. Anyway leave door open no judge even though my do to point and see no wise men…and know there b hidden things that church that is truth man no see but them so called top dudes…so have christmas and wait…I send you a wild one … get it all out of her first…then she will serve u better. well no watch that movie… hear “taming of shrew?” no don’t know mean look up

To funny not to grab hahaha better watch out better not cry cause santa on his way.

By Jacobs

Isaiah 1:18 (KJV) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. You may hear words from a person, the Lord or even Father, you never know. These posted under Alone In The Word. You don't hear if never alone in the word.

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