Line Up

Well lots happening, have to shut down in this state… call it well what Bob wanted to call my dog Lacy… History…  I am purchasing the full litter of this female.. Since Bev is a friend am sure she will let me add Jacobs to end of her name…put home dog house name will see. … Continue reading Line Up


Loop has to many definitions like what one do you want to do me?

Loop has many meanings.. in Hebrew it is Shemoth or Shemot…words are interesting things…well my loop is rocking back and forth usually defined techie…or geekie. I wonder if Matthew the book… knows the difference and how to code? Well my kitchen (shemot) has no heat register in it…does that mean I am to be cooking all the time to keep it warm?

Word Matthew goes away

Lots of turtle stuff family and friends.

I wake with stuff sheesh…even roll over think about it and dang gone then this drives me nuts why is that happening? Go out kitchen light cig get drink gone off totally different.. why is that happening? It sure seems like really good stuff too.. Did u make new rules? Are you worried about me?… Continue reading Word Matthew goes away

Other Things Matthew

Reminded of other things book Of course I did post this re Matthew and snapped startpage which still use now and then..stating I finally found him. What you need to understand from the beginning with training my son’s using the name book Matthew… I yelled at the man…stating I researched you from the start…found your… Continue reading Other Things Matthew