Line Up

Well lots happening, have to shut down in this state… call it well what Bob wanted to call my dog Lacy… History…  I am purchasing the full litter of this female.. Since Bev is a friend am sure she will let me add Jacobs to end of her name…put home dog house name will see. … Continue reading Line Up


The world is a battle ground get it??  To even protect you have to accept warnings from a site or get the hell out of Yeshua’s face.  Reason there is for it people…God is a God of the world not just the USA.  The https on a website is purchase shit secure usa and is… Continue reading ACCEPT THE WARNINGS OR GET OUT OF MY CAMP!!!!

Matthew Win’s People Got It?

Daddy said, duct tape fixes everything

Well it is true…but that man removed the song never heard before by me for HIM.  The pic was even perfect…as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was beat to shit…and to go with that pic..the bible that came for my son J beat to shit too. Father never said to me ever…I would… Continue reading Matthew Win’s People Got It?

Fill in the gap

KODAK Digital Still Camera Fill in the gap

Well have 2 days missed putting here… as talking David things… try to inform children way back did… and even in a way can prove difference.. Matthew one taught me things…used by God for really to do.. makes sense if think about.. but anyway seeing difference I kept warning my son’s so don’t know…but a… Continue reading Fill in the gap



CHILDREN, Are there welllllllllllll, let me think how say this, why? Because there is a lot of jumping going on that see try!!! And when u think abouth that one, a baaby do, immitate, those that have walked and do understand certains, yet are seeing how to try apply like I mentioned past. My husband… Continue reading WELL’S DO NOT MEAN SEED THAT I KNOW OF

Did you Surive Dear? or is it deer?

is it dear or deer

After read see title again think this song my sister Cheri sent me dear song look up…made CD her friends at river..think not sure brothers or not but know them could no have children..Only God can fix that u know..but song fitting hear No them play with the Antelope…this time of year u must think… Continue reading Did you Surive Dear? or is it deer?

You or is it Yew

pasco-co-sink-hole 4 pic 2021

You or is it Yew? We or US then? One or 2 mints in One? Raise the dead Matthew a cry Ps 23:1-6…u got a raft for us…days of Noah? Was that why u dog sleep rest night bath mat cushioned of course… and sleepin hall bath children’s where me go… now since me up…… Continue reading You or is it Yew

*Spirit saith*

crucifixion Messiah-2-witnesses-heaven-hell

Yes, got up chatted as well.. I did have problems clearing making my mind stop from yesterday waiting with wow mentioned and why I wait, lots there …so kept getting up, finally did get up well dark out but let Matthew know as felt son’s could maybe with dramatized bible from gateway put just book… Continue reading *Spirit saith*