Fill in the gap

KODAK Digital Still Camera Fill in the gap

Well have 2 days missed putting here… as talking David things… try to inform children way back did… and even in a way can prove difference.. Matthew one taught me things…used by God for really to do.. makes sense if think about.. but anyway seeing difference I kept warning my son’s so don’t know…but a… Continue reading Fill in the gap

Yes I have some answers

(J, u drive to fast for u mom)  Woke with…to me hearing both…questions from Matthew well also Him imforming me maybe?  Not sure this…could have been a decoy…Then questions…so questions I answered what I thought for each one.  Decoy..I have the book done. Angelbrez wants out front as if Matthew sit there…  Hear not Matthew… Continue reading Yes I have some answers

You or is it Yew

pasco-co-sink-hole 4 pic 2021

You or is it Yew? We or US then? One or 2 mints in One? Raise the dead Matthew a cry Ps 23:1-6…u got a raft for us…days of Noah? Was that why u dog sleep rest night bath mat cushioned of course… and sleepin hall bath children’s where me go… now since me up…… Continue reading You or is it Yew