The world is a battle ground get it??  To even protect you have to accept warnings from a site or get the hell out of Yeshua’s face.  Reason there is for it people…God is a God of the world not just the USA.  The https on a website is purchase shit secure usa and is… Continue reading ACCEPT THE WARNINGS OR GET OUT OF MY CAMP!!!!


I had mentioned at the end of this post to remind me of the Langston’ our neighborhood….and games? or Father intervention?  This area where we lived Sesame St.  Tarr family…Reynolds family…Boat family, Holtz family, Morris family.. etc..  So back to Langstons mentioned.  meaning of the name Langston We faced N and S  so keep direction… Continue reading Langston

Ground Covering Flight Lite Years

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Mornin whoever u did u get me steinbaum attorney? He had to be able to do ky as was davids, well talk to marc harris.. yes saw diff thing re tools…good made cry… 4 2 reasons, fear of falling again c man in it though good stuff…so not sure that..good outside though…draw to truth..… Continue reading Ground Covering Flight Lite Years

Thank You

Momma taught us use Please and Thank you

Thank ALL of you for your prayers re my breath…I did not ask for them but were heard and Yes better…Father heard you ALL.  I have to kinda chuckle inside…and did use the word “momma” within name of this jpg…. my son Josh call me that..and I hear you blessed son of mine with hard… Continue reading Thank You

Yes I have some answers

(J, u drive to fast for u mom)  Woke with…to me hearing both…questions from Matthew well also Him imforming me maybe?  Not sure this…could have been a decoy…Then questions…so questions I answered what I thought for each one.  Decoy..I have the book done. Angelbrez wants out front as if Matthew sit there…  Hear not Matthew… Continue reading Yes I have some answers

Men Miss Things and No ask Child

creative-children men no ask about their days or any involvement how wife's day was

Matthew I did get up very little sleep.. yes have things good men need try follow our conversation on posted u 18th and now put just this paragraph is 23rd.  I am tired and I know u are too.  I will publish as is..I know u understand me..if them don’t then let them try figure… Continue reading Men Miss Things and No ask Child

If I didn’t Love You and Love Can Build a Bridge

Thanks for the songs but sorry will put here and might have better frame of mind later they were good…u know am just upset.. and yes went out the way… and u show me all heaping trash so will drag this cardboard and shit out my garage and start using it.  They were wonderful really… Continue reading If I didn’t Love You and Love Can Build a Bridge