I had mentioned at the end of this post to remind me of the Langston’ our neighborhood….and games? or Father intervention?  This area where we lived Sesame St.  Tarr family…Reynolds family…Boat family, Holtz family, Morris family.. etc..  So back to Langstons mentioned.  meaning of the name Langston We faced N and S  so keep direction… Continue reading Langston

Thank You

Momma taught us use Please and Thank you

Thank ALL of you for your prayers re my breath…I did not ask for them but were heard and Yes better…Father heard you ALL.  I have to kinda chuckle inside…and did use the word “momma” within name of this jpg…. my son Josh call me that..and I hear you blessed son of mine with hard… Continue reading Thank You

Men Miss Things and No ask Child

creative-children men no ask about their days or any involvement how wife's day was

Matthew I did get up very little sleep.. yes have things good men need try follow our conversation on posted u 18th and now put just this paragraph is 23rd.  I am tired and I know u are too.  I will publish as is..I know u understand me..if them don’t then let them try figure… Continue reading Men Miss Things and No ask Child

Did you Surive Dear? or is it deer?

is it dear or deer

After read see title again think this song my sister Cheri sent me dear song look up…made CD her friends at river..think not sure brothers or not but know them could no have children..Only God can fix that u know..but song fitting hear No them play with the Antelope…this time of year u must think… Continue reading Did you Surive Dear? or is it deer?

You or is it Yew

pasco-co-sink-hole 4 pic 2021

You or is it Yew? We or US then? One or 2 mints in One? Raise the dead Matthew a cry Ps 23:1-6…u got a raft for us…days of Noah? Was that why u dog sleep rest night bath mat cushioned of course… and sleepin hall bath children’s where me go… now since me up…… Continue reading You or is it Yew


They are ready to learn to love and follow Yeshua

WORD Matthew, wow just the thought came blow me away… when me tell you what felt happen me Father pouring all this into head say stop no can remember it all … word if He did that u too…and wow all them dreams have come back on top of it…word. You had sooooooooooooooooo much more… Continue reading They are READY TO LEARN

11-15-21-Up and

atom-ant-up-an-atom JUST ALWAYS UP AND ATOM

Atom My day seems to start at closer to sundown, as go to bed early and get up for a…then back bed and up again 2 3 4 never know for sure. More just went about things won’t leave mind…but did make comment before going back to bed. I have been writing on Alone… Continue reading 11-15-21-Up and

My Yaking At Matthew

yaking at Matthew, is this the beast in Revelations? Dream dude dream

Just a clip strange, that man knows me to well. With all the errors even. question at end…Yeshua say call them friends his disciples..human all were.. spirit of holiness different to me…still have stuff check even myself.. but not given yet.. is that why gospels waited to be written? Was john baptist already spirit…but… Continue reading My Yaking At Matthew